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The Yoga Institute Team Recommends….

The sensory input we ‘feed’ ourselves each day can help or hamper our holistic health. Here we share what we have been enjoying lately – we hope you find it enjoyable and inspiring.

Graduate Story – Shayna King – Graduated 2023

Meet the delightful Shayna, who graduated in February 2023 and is thriving as a sought-after yoga teacher. Here she tells of her rocky start to yoga, what changed it all, and her joy in sharing yoga’s life changing benefits with others.

How To Know If You’re Ready For Yoga Teacher Training

Perceptions of what yoga is, who yoga is for and what makes a good teacher can all be (mis)shaped by modern media. If you’re feeling drawn to study what yoga is really about, all you really need is a love of yoga and an open heart and mind!

The Lightness of Being Wrong

The road of the humble and peaceful warrior – though not easy – may have untold benefits. Here we look at what freedoms might await when we learn to let go of our addiction to being right.

Transition to Springtime with Yoga & Ayurveda

Seasonal adjustments to our self-care practices and lifestyle in general, can help us feel balanced and vibrant.

What’s happening as we welcome the Spring season and what are some practices to experiment with?

Meet The Yoga Foundation – Our Not-For-Profit Sister Organisation

The Yoga Foundation is a leading not-for-profit providing research-based programmes to support the mental health of at-risk groups.

Be inspired & heart-warmed here!

Benefits of Retreat

How is a retreat different from a holiday and how does a change in external circumstances play a role in our inner journey?

Graduate Story -Juliana Salgado – Graduated 2022

Read graduate Juliana’s inspiring story of courage and love as she recounts her journey with yoga.

TKV Desikachar – Our Cherished Bridge To The Source

Until the latter part of the 20th century, the ancient wisdoms of yoga were still mainly domiciled in India.

TKV Desikachar was an embodied bridge between the ancient wisdoms of yoga – distilled and elevated by his legendary father T Krishnamacharya – and the modern western world.

Come be acquainted with this treasured link in our lineage.

Posture In Focus: Warrior II

Let’s take a look at the iconic Warrior II posture, to enjoy all of its benefits in safety.

The Yoga Institute Team Recommends – Series: 2022

After ideas for Summer reading/listening/watching?

Staff and faculty have been enjoying……

What Does “Good at Yoga” Mean?

If ‘good at yoga’ makes you think of difficult handstands or gymnastic flexibility, take heart.

It’s time to clarify some truths about yoga, and let go of this unhelpful habitual phrase.

Who was Tirumalai Krishnamacharya?

The name Krishnamacharya may not be familiar to you, but there’s little doubt your present-day experience, enjoyment and love of yoga, may not have been possible without this extraordinary man.

Conscious Living Series: Our Purchasing Habits

Here we take a look at how we might apply a yogic mindset to how we spend our money.

Podcast: The Nature of Consciousness

What does consciousness mean? Is consciousness even knowable? Join Michael de Manincor as he chats with podcast host Chara Caruthers and guest co-host Lucy Karnani, to unpack its mysteries.

Is Sitting The New Smoking?

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can unsurprisingly be bad news for the neck, back, shoulders and hips.

But the dangers don’t stop there. What should we be aware of and what can we do?

Can Stress Make Us Sick, and How Can Yoga Help?

Stress & inflammation are natural bodily responses, but can be harmful in relentless, chronic cases. Here we look at how stress, inflammation, immunity and risk-of-disease interplay, and how yogic and ayurvedic practices can be applied to help bring us (or our clients) back to balance.

Posture in Focus: Downward-Facing Dog

Here we look at the famous Downward-Facing Dog pose in detail to discover its benefits we can enjoy in safety.

The Significance of Routine in Ayurvedic Self-Care

Ayurveda teaches us to establish helpful routines that can help us feel in balance, enjoy health and live in harmony with the natural world.

The Yoga Institute Team Recommends: Our Top Picks Over Recent Months!

Here are some top picks that our staff and faculty have been loving recently. We hope you feel inspired to take some time to nourish yourself, relax, learn and enjoy!

What Does Philosophy Have To Do With Yoga?

If you are yet to take a deep dive and study yoga, you may well be wondering, “What does philosophy have to do with yoga?” Read on….

Graduate Story: Stephanie Musgrave – Graduated 2019

Inspired by what she had experienced and the benefits she had felt firsthand, Steph decided to dive deeper into the study of yoga, and through her consistent practice and commitment, found a new way of being.

Graduate Story: Andrea Hamblin – Graduated 2019

Andrea’s Yoga Journey My Year of becoming a Yoga Teacher was the most transformative year of my life! I’ve been a Yoga student for more than 20 years and always thought I would love to become a Yoga teacher, but for various reasons it didn’t happen. Then, I sold a business in 2018 because I […]

Conscious breathing: Controlled breathing and Pranayama

You breathe subconsciously, but your breath can also adapt and change without you even realising.

What if you could consciously breathe instead?

What is Mentoring and How Does It Work?

Mentoring forms part of the rich tradition of yoga knowledge being shared and passed on. You may be curious how mentoring works and why it’s so beneficial.

Graduate Story: Christine Chu – Graduated 2020

In her earliest exposure to yoga, Teacher Training graduate Christine felt a sense of homecoming and a deep knowing she would one day share yoga with others. She shares her journey here.

Reflections, Intentions and Fresh Starts

While we do not need a new calendar year to make choices for change, the holidays give us spaciousness to reflect, contemplate and plan. How can we do so mindfully and wisely?

Graduate Story: Marion Just – Graduated 2020

From Gym Junkie to Aerobics Instructor to Yoga Teacher Written by graduate of the 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Diploma, Marion Just It was in my early 20s that I embarked on a path to get healthy and fit, learning about good nutrition, eating less and exercising in the gym…. ALOT!  I was a serial gym […]

“Do I need to be flexible to teach yoga?” and other commonly asked questions about yoga teacher training

Have you been thinking about deepening your yoga practice for a while, but didn’t feel you were flexible enough or maybe experienced enough, to become a teacher? Or perhaps you’d love to get started just don’t know how to fit it in to your busy life? We answer a few of our teacher trainees’ commonly […]

Yoga gift ideas

Know a friend or family member who is a big fan of yoga? Or maybe have a yoga teacher you want to show your appreciation towards? We help you demystify the process of gift shopping for the yogis you know, below. For the yogis in your life (yourself included) some yoga gift ideas could be: […]

Drinks to stay cool this summer

It’s the first days of summer and we’re ready to get outside and explore the beauty of the outdoors! With that in mind, we have a couple recipe ideas to help you stay cool and hydrated, when you’re back from your summer adventures. Check out some drink recipes to keep you cool this summer, below. […]

3 ways to make yoga more inclusive

Tips for naturally inclusive classes that help make everyone feel welcome, comfortable and safe.

Graduate Story: Silvia Cagorski – Graduated 2019

Making that big career move from the corporate world to Yoga teaching Silvia’s Yoga Journey I started 11 years ago at a local studio in a group class setting. At the time, I was seeking ways to improve my mental and emotional health – this was the beginning of my Yoga story. Ever since, I […]

Balanced by your breath: Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana)

Ever noticed how your breath changes when you’re deep in relaxation, or seems to speed up when you’re feeling excited or agitated? That is your body’s normal response to your present environment, thoughts or feelings. What if there was a way you could use your breath to balance out how your body and mind are […]

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Yamas and Niyamas

In a very simplistic sense, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is an ancient teaching offering practical steps to attain a state of yoga. That is, the state of body, mind and soul, being in union with all existence. The Yamas and Niyamas are the first two steps towards achieving that. The Yoga Sutras contain 196 […]

Student Story: Stacy O’Connor – Graduated 2020

Stacy’s Yoga Journey I had been working in the Events industry for over 12 years and had always excelled in high pressure, high stress environments. Or so I thought.  Over time, it was evident that the stress I had repressed for so long, manifested physically, in my body through debilitating neck pain, regular migraines and […]

How Does Yoga Support Mental Health?

As yoga practitioners, many of us have felt yoga’s benefits firsthand when it comes to our mental wellbeing, even if only to soothe our mood on a stressful day or feel a little brighter on an uphill day.  Yoga is ultimately about developing our capacity to change the way our minds work, where our typically […]

From our Community: Self-care Practices

We love hearing how our community is experimenting with self-care practices during these trying times. There is no doubt about it, life is challenging right now. The stresses of lockdowns, home schooling, separation from friends and family, vaccine conversations, case number watching, working from home (etc. etc.), are starting to wear on many of us. […]

Student Story: Amy Horder – Graduated 2020

Amy’s Yoga Journey At 16 years old I had my first taste of Yoga when my mum suggested we try an 8 week Yoga program. Back then, I had never connected with the asana but always loved meditation. I would say ‘I can’t wait until the end of class when we can lie down with […]

The Amazing Human Body – Joints

Like most aspects of anatomy and physiology, learning about joints helps us better appreciate the magnificent complexity in our human body.  And it certainly helps us better understand concepts such as movement, stability, range of motion, and importantly prepares us to take proper care of our precious joints.  The point where one bone meets another […]

Yoga Therapy Graduate Story – Catherine Sherlock

Written by guest author and graduate of the 650-hour Yoga Therapy Training Course, Catherine Sherlock We become many things in life. Some just happen. Some we follow arduous routes to achieve, only to find they don’t feel as comfortable as we thought they would. Others are like a home coming. Becoming a yoga therapist feels […]

Recipe Share – Spinach Dahl (Indian lentil soup)

Yoga Therapy faculty member, Dr Shaun Matthews, shares his soothing and nourishing recipe for Indian lentil soup, a comforting and satisfying dish for cool weather, but still light and gentle on digestion. What’s so good about Dahl? In the ayurvedic tradition, food can not only be healing for the body, but also for the mind […]

Tell Us Your Story

We’d love to hear your story and be able to share it with our community of practising and aspiring Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists. It’s incredibly inspiring for us and for everyone in our community to hear about the amazing work our graduates are doing as Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists   So often we […]

Posture in Focus: Bridge Pose

Let’s comprehensively unpack the features of Bridge Pose to enjoy its full benefits in safety.

The Amazing Human Body: Blood

Did You Know? About 7-8% of your body weight is blood?  Let’s marvel at this incredible river of connective tissue Revered for millennia for its life-giving role, romanticised and dramatized in literature and entertainment  – the word blood appears in every single Shakespeare play –  alarming for many, stomach-churning for some, there’s no doubt blood […]

Thriving in Winter

More tired, sluggish and unmotivated in winter? How to keep your mojo in the cold Some people prefer the winter months, but for many there’s a tendency to feel a bit blah.   Here are some holistic tips –  inspired from both ancient and modern paradigms –  to help you feel more vibrant when Old […]

Maintaining physical activity and asana practice in cold months

It’s cold out and the doona is snuggly and warm….. What do you do? We know that physical activity in the colder months is important for physical and mental health.  Apart from being beneficial for cardiovascular health, lung capacity and general muscle and bone maintenance, it is associated with improved sleep, mood regulation, self-esteem, fatigue-reduction […]

Film Review: The Wisdom of Trauma

Written by Yoga Institute faculty member, Mischa Telford Although I grew up in a loving family, adverse early childhood experiences left me with complex PTSD and a highly dysregulated nervous system, which was over-reactive to sensory stimulation of any kind. This made social situations quite complex to navigate, particularly in the emotional terrain of relationships. […]

Science Corner: Yoga and Brainwave Coherence

A new systematic review has synthesised the findings of dozens of recent studies into yoga’s effect on neurological activity, bringing more weight to the idea that yoga improves brainwave activity and offers people better cognitive function. The study found that integrated yogic interventions (including pranayama and meditation) can increase the grey matter in the frontal […]

International Day of Yoga – 21st June

Since 2015, the 21st of June each year is recognised as International Day of Yoga under the auspices of the United Nations (UN). It took less than 3 months from the time the Indian government proposed the idea, to the idea being formally adopted, with 175 member nations joining as co-sponsors of the proposal. It […]

World Environment Day

The Yoga Institute offers heartfelt acknowledgement of World Environment Day on June 5th,  a day set aside each year by the United Nations (UN) to raise awareness and encourage action towards the protection of the world’s natural environment. Spirituality and ecological consciousness come together when yogis see the interconnectedness of all living things, all calling […]

Covid Chaos in the Himalayas: How You Can Help

India and Nepal have become the epicentre of pandemic turmoil, grappling to contain and treat a cataclysmic second wave.  While continuing to perform good hygiene practices & thoughtful behaviour for others, feeling truly grateful for our comparative good fortune here in Australia, and raising our vibration to the healing and safety of all beings, there […]

Recipe Share: Chai, a Nourishing Winter Warmer

Anyone visiting The Yoga Institute’s premises since the start of Autumn will be familiar with the aromatic presence of enchanting warm spices diffusing throughout the office of an afternoon.  We have been enjoying an afternoon chai on a regular basis, patiently brewed by Michael and shared around as a soothing and uplifting treat.  Here we […]

Student Story: Sharon Geyer – Graduated 2020

Sharon’s Journey with yoga I started attending Yoga classes as a compulsory part of my Diploma of Shiatsu Therapy while I was in my 20’s. While I enjoyed this, I stopped when I had my first child at 34. I returned to Yoga 4 years ago after being diagnosed with PTSD.  Attending 3-4 classes a […]

Podcast: Michael de Manincor on Sharing Yoga with the Community

Yoga Institute founder and director, Michael de Manincor, guests on this episode of Live Like You Love Yourself – recorded in April 2021 – and shares the evolution of his own yoga journey, against the backdrop of some of the big questions in yoga today, including what it really means to be a yoga teacher […]

Graduate Story: Lara Patterson – Graduated 2019

Lara’s Yoga Journey I practiced yoga very briefly at an Iyengar studio around 20 years ago and really didn’t ‘get’ it at all….”why are we posing like warriors anyway? When on earth is that little bell going to sound so I can get out of here?”.  Then around 8 years ago I started practicing yoga […]

Graduate Story: Natalie Haider – Graduated 2018

Natalie’s Yoga Story “I use yoga in every aspect of my life. It’s difficult to separate myself from the yoga training, as it has become such a huge part of who I am.” I first encountered yoga whilst i was working as a psychologist in a psychiatric hospital in 2004. Each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, […]

Lucy Karnani on the J.Brown Yoga Talks Podcast, January 2021

The highly-sought after Lucy Karnani, coauthor of Connecting: Conscious Communication for Yoga Teachers and Therapists (and faculty member of The Yoga Institute), talks with J about utilising tools for understanding connection and communication. Lucy and J have been interacting for some time and this recording (made on 11 January 2021) was an opportunity for them […]

Podcast: Holding Space for Conscious Communication with Lucy Karnani

Yoga Institute faculty member, Lucy Karnani, is a guest on podcast resource for the modern yogi, Live Like You Love Yourself, and shares her deep knowledge on the topics of ‘Holding Space’ and ‘Conscious Communication’.  Fans of the book, Connecting: Conscious Communication for Yoga Teachers and Therapists (which Lucy co-authored with friend and colleague Jill […]

What did our students experience studying with us in the pandemic?

It’s clear that 2020 and 2021 were some of the strangest and most challenging years for so many. Our 2020 cohort of teacher trainees were just a few weeks into their studies when the first Covid-19 restrictions were announced. With so much uncertainty as to how long the pandemic would last or what it would […]

Free Webinar: Yoga, Ayurveda & Mental Health

Join us on Thursday 5 November 3:00pm – 5:30pm AEST In the lead up to Ayurveda Day in India (observed on 13 November), NICM Health Research Institute in partnership with All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India), will co-host a FREE WEBINAR discussing the latest research in the use of yoga and Ayurveda […]

Graduate Story: Emma Black – Graduated 2019

Emma’s Yoga Journey I came to yoga in the midst of an eating disorder when I was 12. I saw pictures of beautiful ladies performing crazy postures all over social media and instantly started comparing myself to them, telling myself that ‘once I can move like that, then I’ll be happy’. So I started doing […]

Anatomy of a Yoga Therapy Session

Therapeutic yoga is often considered to be a gentle practice. This is not always the case and it will depend on the person you are working with.

Myth debunk: Therapeutic yoga is boring, slow and for the old and the sick

Graduate Story: Josh Caple – Graduated 2017

Josh’s Yoga Journey Yoga is something I’ve come back to again and again at different times in my life for different reasons.  I first dabbled with it when I was a teenager, I had been an elite gymnast and retired into the life of a rock climbing bum. Yoga helped to maintain some of the […]

Sleep is a gift from Nature

Sleep: an important consideration in personal practice design A gift for maintaining health and wellbeingA gift to assist in healing  How is your sleep? Sleep is an important area to consider in your self-care or healing regime. This is also a question that will be considered in some detail by a well-trained Yoga Therapist or […]

Chanting is an ancient practice with mental health effects

Meet Gemma Perry. Gemma is a graduate of The Yoga Institute, she has been practicing and studying chanting for over a decade, she’s currently undertaking a PhD to try to uncover some of the science behind chanting. By Amy Fallon Shared from ABC app Chanting is an ancient practice with mental health effects that might apply […]

We will stay agile, with your wellbeing & best learning experience at heart!

We hope that you and your loved ones have been doing well. The last few years have been quite unprecedented. Take a moment to acknowledge just how strong you have already been! We are delighted that training in our Cammeray premises is full-steam ahead in 2022 and we are ready to adapt to whatever comes, […]

Podcast: Good Morning, I Love You

“Allow a gentle smile on your mouth, you can kind of feel how it shifts the entire physiology. So that’s kind of a concrete, physical way of shifting into this attitude of welcoming and safety.” Insights at the Edge’s Tami Simon speaks with Shauna Shapiro about the neurology of self-image and why conscious acts of […]

Find Refuge from an Overwhelming World

We all get the feeling of being overwhelmed at some point or another. For some, it may be once a year while for others it’s a daily occurance. If there’s ever an article to give you the words of wisdom you need to overcome this overwhelming world we live in, it’s this one. By: Judith […]

Tap into the Healing Potential of Yoga

There are a myriad of ways to transform your health through Yoga. Were you aware of the array of benefits that Yoga has been shown to offer people when it comes to ones health and healing? Current research continues to support the validity of such claims (Harvard Medical publication – An Introduction to Yoga). This […]

Finding words right now is not easy

The devastation and loss of lives, homes and our precious bushlands has been painful beyond words. We would like to acknowledge the Australian bushfire crisis here in our home country and the shocking effect this is having on our people, our land and our wildlife. We would also like to acknowledge the impact on people’s […]

Meet The A Team

Here’s your chance to meet The Yoga Institute’s talented, passionate and highly experienced Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Therapy Training Faculty on a deeper level! We asked each faculty member the same 5 questions, so you can truly see their unique personality, perspective, and experiences shine. Michael de Manincor 1) Please write your brief yoga […]

Prāṇāyāma: The Breath 101

Use the breath to stay calm. Conscious deep breathing works like a brush and helps to clear and focus the mind. It sweeps and cleanses your body and mind, releasing you from tiredness, fogginess, poor attention and stress. Incorporating pranayama in your yoga practice improves awareness and is an essential element to help you create […]

Ayurveda Recipe: Ghee

What is Ghee? Ghee is an amazing substance with countless benefits to our body and mind. It has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years due to its numerous medicinal properties. Ghee is highly clarifed butter. It is made by cooking butter until the water has evaporated, and then removing the dairy solids. Research […]

Recipe Share: Almond & Honey Oat Bars

One of The Yoga Institute’s teachers, Gill Kamsler, made almond & honey oat bars for a recent teacher’s get together. Gill is ALWAYS making delicious food, she has a real reputation around the centre for her cooking!  Ingredients Make it your own and try adding coconut! 1 tsp cinnamon 3/4 cup siivers of roasted almonds […]

Ayurveda 101

Welcome to Ayurveda 101! Ayurveda = people’s medicine Ayurvedic practitioner, Eleni Tsikrikas, filmed at The Yoga Institute to explain the basics of Ayurveda to you. Here’s some key highlights: What is it? Natured based, energetic, system of medicine All therapies and tools that Ayurveda utilizes come from nature Nature is the true healer and anything […]

Graduate Story: Laurin Vassella – Graduated 2011

Meet Laurin… Laurin is a graduate from The Yoga Institute’s teacher training program. She has gone on an amazing journey after completing the program and wants to share it with future graduates. Read below in our question and answer styled blog post. Thank you for sharing Laurin and keep doing what you doing! “Two people […]

Ayurvedic Cleansings

The Yoga Institute’s Monthly Ayurveda Workshop facilitator, Eleni Triskikas, shares her tips for the perfect ayurvedic cleanse designed just for you! Personalising your cleanse • Decide how long your cleanse will be • Suggested periods- Vata 7 days, Pitta 7-14 days and Kapha 14-30 days • Pick a meal plan that you can comfortably do […]

Ayurveda Workshop Recipe Share: Chia Porridge

In our September spring Ayurveda workshop we discussed breakfast recipes. Julie McSweeney shared her delicious recipe for Chia Porridge! Facilitator, Eleni Tsikrikas, gave it the ayurvedic tick of approval. INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons of chia seeds any color 2 teaspoons of hemp seeds 2 teaspoons GROUND linseeds/flaxseeds 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon Note: Once linseeds are ground they […]

Podcast: Our Better Nature

The healing power of nature The minds behind Hidden Brain have done it again with using a mix of science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behaviour, shape our choices and direct our relationships. “This is more than just a feel-good theory. Nature is like a multivitamin” Psychologist Ming Kuo Check […]

September’s Ayurveda Workshop Talking Points

Missed last month’s Ayurveda workshop? We have you covered! Here were the key subjects talked about: What Is Ayurvedic Medicine? – The principle is that it’s energetic medicine – How does the thing coming in, effect the person consuming and digesting it Ayurveda is Seasonal – Natured based system of medicine – Diet and practices […]

Podcast: Conscious Connections with Lucy Karnani

Previously, we’ve shared stories of The Yoga Institute’s graduates. Here we share a story of one of our faculty members on our teacher training program, Lucy Karnani. Lucy’s catch cry is “to love and accept myself exactly as I am and to support myself in the ways that I need to be supported.” Meet Lucy […]

Graduate Story: Podcast With Annebelle

Every graduate has a story to tell. One of our greatest aspirations in the work that we do, is to see how our students evolve and flourish in their lives during their studies, and then the work that they do when they go out into the ‘yoga world’. We are incredibly grateful for the extraordinary […]

The Medical Chest: Spring Edition

A Supportive Spring Diet Many people notice a natural, but distinct, shift in their cravings as winter gives way to spring. The arrival of the warmer weather often marks a decline in our desire for the heavy, substantive foods so essential during the winter months. In fact, many notice an increasingly insistent preference for lighter […]

Podcast: Leslie Kaminoff on Back Pain, Dr. Sarno and the Power of Breath

Meet Leslie Kaminoff… Meet Leslie Kaminoff, a Yoga educator with forty years experience in the study of Yoga and the breath. Leslie studied with T.K.V Desikachar, a teacher renowned for his emphasis on the therapeutic aspects of yoga, and he is the co-author of the bestselling book Yoga Anatomy. Listen to Like ‘Mind, Like Body’ podcast: Yogi Leslie Kaminoff […]

What is iRest®? Try it Now

We are excited to be hosting iRest® for the 4th consecutive year in Sydney 2020. There are no prerequisites for this training, iRest® is for every one to enjoy! “If yoga were a smorgasbord, the practice of iRest® would most definitely be at the dessert table.” What is iRest®? iRest® is a meditation practice based on […]

Ayurveda Recipe: The Power of Kitchari

Calling all kapha and vatta dosha! Have you been looking for your next go to meal? We have you covered. Try kitchari! Think of kitchari as the vegetarian equivalent of Grandma’s chicken soup, with much more fiber. If your belly feels sluggish after too many treats, kitchari is an easy way to cleanse your digestion and restore […]

The Medical Chest: Dry Massage- Garshana

By Eleni Tsikrikas Dry Brushing- Garshana Dry brushing is one of Ayurveda’s daily self care steps. It promotes skin renewal, exfoliation and the elimination of toxins and impurities. The result is soft, firm, glowing skin. Winter and Spring are considered the best seasons to dry brush. During these seasons its cold and dry or cold and […]

The Survey Says….Top 10

It is perfectly normal to find yourself confused when entering the rabbit hole. Who better to explain it to you then our most recent Teacher Training graduates? We recently asked our graduates…what were your three favourite things about training at The Yoga Institute and this is the top 10 most popular answers…. Personal journey – […]

What Is Your Ayurveda Body Type?

By Eleni Tsikrikas What is Ayurveda?           Ayurveda is a system of health & wellness developed in ancient India over 5,000 years ago. At the core of Ayurveda is a functional medicine approach based on a simple classification system. This system matches diet, lifestyle, and herbs to the individual to improve health & wellness. What Are the […]

Leslie Kaminoff’s The Breathing Project Timeline

What is The Breathing Project? Leslie Kaminoff founded The Breathing Project in 2001 as a nonprofit dedicated to the sharing of educational, community-based programming related to yoga, anatomy and health enrichment. From 2003 until mid-2017 the main vehicle for this mission was the physical studio we ran in New York City. The Breathing Project is […]

Is Yoga Therapy Always Gentle? It Depends

Therapeutic yoga is often considered to be a gentle practice. This is not always the case and it will depend on the person you are working with.

Myth debunk: Therapeutic yoga is boring, slow and for the old and the sick

The Medical Chest: Winter Tonic / Kashaya Tea

By Eleni Tsikrikas The goal of the medicine chest is to introduce you to the wonderful world of herbs and their many uses. Herbs have traditionally been used as foods, supplements and to cure ailments. Their use can help support your health from a very basic level, just as foods do. Winter recipe to keep you […]

Yoga Therapy: A DOORWAY to revealing story

By Lisa Grauaug A key focus in a Yoga Therapy session is understanding a client’s perspective and this includes “what would they like to gain from the Yoga Therapy sessions ?” This question is foundational and one that forms part of a greater reflection for the client and therapist. For example A client’s initial focus […]

Post Pregnancy Care: What Works

By Lisa Grauaug An appropriate Prenatal yoga practice is designed to prevent Diastasis Rectus Abdominis…. WHAT IS Diastasis Rectus Abdominis? An intricate layer of connective tissue sits between the rectus abdominis muscles ( RA or “6 pack abs”) and the transversus abdominis- it is called the linea alba. The linea –alba is designed during pregnancy to […]

Food as Meditation

By Eleni Tsikrikas   Jerry Seinfeld once said, ‘Thank god for relationships. Without them, all we would ever talk about is food. These days, wherever we look, we find a new blog, book or ideology proclaiming the health benefits of a new superfood, supplement or diet, guaranteed to give you, among other things, effortless weight loss, […]

How Yoga Assists with the Effects of Trauma: Sissi Ervasti

‘MY PTSD stopped me from leaving the house – then I found yoga’ For some, yoga can be a chore. But for Sissi Ervasti, it saved her life. Article by: Nine Honey featuring the inspiring story of Sissi, who used yoga to overcome PTSD after an abusive relationship. ____________ Like three million other Australians, Sissi has […]

What makes our teacher training different from other training courses?

Insights from a former student It’s the focus on personal practices. This is both the development of your own personal practice AND gaining the skills and knowledge to design personal practices for your students and clients, and teach them how to apply this transformative process in their lives. When I started my training at The Yoga […]

What to consider when practicing yoga during and after pregnancy

by Lisa Grauaug Pregnancy brings with it a multitude of amazing physical and emotional changes that support the health, growth and birth of a newborn baby. A yoga practice during and after pregnancy can be supportive, integrative and enable these natural changes. To realise these benefits there are some key things women need to consider […]

Yoga as a complementary therapy 

We’re encouraged by the continued emergence of Yoga as a complementary therapy Lisa Grauaug from The Yoga Institute was recently invited to speak at NICM Health Research Centre (Western Sydney University Westmead campus) as part of a Women’s Health Program hosted by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). The theme of this professional development […]

Changing the Face of Yoga Podcast: Yoga and Mental Health

Changing the Face of Yoga Podcast with Dr Michael de Manincor Listen to Michael’s discussion with Stephanie Cunningham on yoga and mental health now and in the future. “People feel good after a physical based asana yoga class, this feeling has led to a wonderful enquiry that has started to help people realise that yoga is much […]

Yoga and healing: A Personal Journey

By Rosie Caunt A slip on a piece of cardboard left me in excruciating pain. What to do? Breathe  As the pain advanced, as the radiologist twisted my foot this way and that breath and my regular mantra ‘om namaha’were my friends. As a yogi of 30 years I began to understand why I had a […]

Am I ready for Yoga Teacher Training?

It’s one of the most common questions asked. When considering yoga teacher training, it is natural to believe we need to be able to hold a perfect headstand with ease or sit comfortably meditating in lotus pose for hours. Along with wondering if you’re ready, it is natural to ask yourself “will I be good […]

2018 Highlights in Review

by Michael de Manincor   What a year!!! So much has happened….   2018 has been another big year for everyone at The Yoga Institute, and our Director, Michael de Manincor. As the river of yoga continues to flow, nourishing the lives of many people, we see familiar river-scapes and new pathways, finding its way […]

It’s Graduation Time: 2018 Student Reflections

‘Class of 2018’ As we approach the end of the year, with ‘Class of 2018’ graduating tomorrow, we start to get a little sad to say farewell to our special group. As teachers and facilitators, we have mixed feelings, from sentimental, proud to extremely excited for our new flock of yoga teachers to spread their […]

PODCAST: J. Brown Yoga Talks with Michael de Manincor: “Kaleidoscope of Wisdom and Science”

Michael de Manincor – “Kaleidoscope of Wisdom and Science” “J. Brown’s “Yoga Talks” podcast is probably the most popular and informative podcast program in the yoga world.  As well as interesting conversations with many of the world’s leading yoga teachers, J. has created a platform to open up discussions on many important issues in modern […]

Why Is Yoga Therapy Gaining Attention?

By Lisa Grauaug As a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist I’ve been really interested and inspired to watch the growing interest in yoga therapy. This interest isn’t just coming from within the ‘yoga world’. As the health sector is becoming more open and accepting of the therapeutic benefits of mind-body therapies, yoga continues to gain […]

200hr yoga teacher training? What is going on?

Written by Dr Michael de Manincor If you are interested in doingor offering a 200hr yoga teacher training course, here are some things you might like to consider. I’ll share some of my thoughts and experience from being involved in teacher training for the past 25 years and at the end of this article I […]

Student Reflections: How the Yoga Sutras has helped my daily life

Written by Stefana Brunetto (teacher trainee 2018) Meet Stef: Stef is a current yoga teacher trainee, who is in the final term of her 500 hours of training.  She is a young, vibrant personal trainer who embarked on her yoga teacher training with the intention to support her clients, by teaching them how to stretch […]

What is Yoga therapy? Reflections from SYTAR

By Michael de Manincor  I attended the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR), in Reston, Virginia, not far from Washington DC. SYTAR is probably the largest and most significant conference gathering on yoga therapy in the world, and brings together many dedicated people working in this emerging field. […]

“Celebrating Desikachar: A Life in Yoga, A Legacy of Learning.” 

Written by Michael de Manincor My journey to the teacher & teachings, that changed my life: In the mid-1990s, I had already been practicing and teaching yoga for many years, when I went to the US for further studies in the emerging field of yoga therapy. One of the books included as recommended reading in […]

Story of Transformation: Dani Laucht

The Beginning My first contact with Yoga was over ten years ago, when studying at a small university in Germany. I felt incredibly overwhelmed, confused, unable to breathe properly and sore after my first yoga class. I quickly decided that this seemingly new, hippie trend, called Yoga, was not meant for me. A few years […]

5 ‘Healthy Living’ (Last Minute) Gift Ideas This Year

Trying to think of something different to gift at Christmas each year? Are you tired of the same old ‘consumerism’, most of which will be next years rubbish? Wandering around your local mall probably isn’t going to inspire any unique gift ideas. So avoid the traffic and long lines, sit down, put your feet up and get […]

Are you ready to join the revolution?

  Do you really know what yoga is? We believe there are many fundamental misconceptions out there in the ‘yoga world’. There is more to yoga than you might have realised  Firstly, let’s talk about what yoga is NOT… Yoga is not just about the body Yoga is not about being flexible or being able […]

What’s the difference? Yoga postures and Yoga Practice?

The difference between doing yoga postures and having a yoga practice. It’s been great to see more yoga teachers speaking out about the importance of a home practice. Yoga International and Kara-Leah Grant make some important points about the power of a regular ‘home’ practice. I loved Yoga International’s comment about the wonderful value of […]

Do you really know Yoga if you don’t know the Yoga Sutras?

Written by Natalie Bowcutt I was clueless for years I started practicing Yoga sporadically around 8 years ago, more regularly in the last 5 or 6 years. I began practicing in a variety of Yoga classes, my first love being, what you might call, ‘vinyasa flow’. I loved the fluid, ‘dance-like’ quality of the movements. […]

Will I ever sit comfortably in Hero’s pose?

Written by Kaye Tribe Have you ever thought, will I ever sit comfortably in Hero’s pose? And if I keep on stretching, will this change? The answer is, it Depends. Kaye Tribe explores why. This is a very common question from many Yoga practitioners. Why is it so challenging? The position of the bony articulations of the hip […]

Get to know your teacher: Lisa Grauaug

Meet Lisa Grauaug What brought you to Yoga? Being curious and my partner was spending a lot of time teaching Yoga and attending classes. How long have you been teaching for and where did you train? I have been teaching since 2004 and completed formal Yoga Teacher training at The Yoga Institute in 2009. I […]

Is 200 Hours Enough to Teach Yoga?

Reading the article (see link below) written by The Yoga Journal, on the effectiveness of a 200 hour teacher training, compelled me to to share why we do what we do. Is 200 Hours Enough to Teach Yoga? The Yoga Institute offers a faculty of teachers with over 25 years of experience. We believe, through providing […]

A personal journey from imprisonment to freedom

Mental health concerns are a common problem in our modern lives. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1 in 5 people will have experienced a mental health issue in the past 12 months. Julia Conchie (Jules), a recent graduate of The Yoga Institute, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and describes how in the […]

The New Science Behind Yoga

The follow-up to the original film “The Science of Yoga” Last year we shared with you the short film “The Science of Yoga” which featured interviews with a number of leading thinkers and researchers in yoga, meditation and the mind-body connection, including Michael de Manincor of The Yoga Institute. Uplift have now released a second […]

Yoga for Scoliosis: It depends

The practice of Yoga is recommended for scoliosis. Which type of Yoga will depend on a few things….. Scoliosis is a visible curve in the spine that goes sideways (laterally). This curve may be a single or a double curve and there can even be a twisting of the vertebrae mixed in with the sideways […]

Yoga for Surfers

TKV Desikachar, son and student of T Krishnamacharya, friend and teacher of The Yoga Institute’s Founding Director, Michael de Manincor, used to regularly teach that yoga is not only good for general health and well-being, it can help improve many areas of our lives, including our golfing ability. He never mentioned surfing, but the same […]

Get to know your teacher: Len Gillespie

    What is your name?  Leonard Gillespie. You can call me Len if you like. What brought you to Yoga? Mainly an interest in the body beautiful and how I might develop it in as many ways as possible. Yoga practice was integral in my recovery from serious illness and learning to be kinder […]

5 Reasons Warm Weather is Good For Your Health

Written by Sydney Epstein Are you a snow-lover, or a beach-bum? There’s lots of reasons you may prefer warmer weather over the cold. But one thing you may not have thought about is how the weather where you live affects your body. As it turns out, climate and temperature can have a big impact on […]

Current medical system: a system of mental illness or health?

Written by Janet Lowndes & Michael de Manincor Statistics tell us that in each year approximately 1 in 5 Australians experience a mental illness. Not surprisingly, many people who come to Yoga classes experience mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety. Mental health is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as “a state of […]

Is Restorative Yoga Right for Me?

Written by Jayne Robertson For many years I had one speed…fast.  And one intensity…hard. So how has a girl like me become so deeply enamored with restorative yoga?   Restorative yoga, as I have been taught, is a deeply healing practice that utilizes props…lots of them (blankets, bolsters, sandbags, belts, chairs, eye covers etc). It […]

A Story of Personal Transformation: Marcus Slight

Marcus Slight is a man who has experienced a lot of pain and trauma. Here, his moving story acts as an inspirational tale of the strength he found through his Yoga journey. How Yoga found him In December 1999, a life-changing moment involving an accident at work reset Marcus’ course forever. Marcus worked in construction […]

It Depends: Yoga for Hips

by Sarah Loveband When considering a suitable yoga practice for tight hips, it depends….     There are various factors which could be responsible for a person’s sensation of tightness in the hips. Muscle shortening, scar tissue, conditions like osteo or rheumatoid arthritis or even a person’s anatomical boney structure can limit their range of movement […]

Bodywork Therapies: It doesn’t have to be painful

How many of us subscribe to the philosophy of ‘no pain – no gain’ and apply it to various aspects of our lives? Yet when we truly practice yoga, we learn to develop a relationship with our body, where we listen to what it is telling us and respond and move in a way that is […]

The Importance of Holding Space

What is ‘Holding Space’?      Most of us do this every day whether we realise it or not. With our family members, friends, students, colleagues and sometimes even strangers. It is both a simple and a complex undertaking. Simple, in that Holding Space for another essentially involves allowing them to say what they need […]

Does Yoga improve your mental health?

Michael de Manincor’s PhD research says yes! The Facts In today’s society mental health concerns are becoming more and more prolific. In 2011-12, it was estimated that three million people in Australia (13.6% of the adult population) had a mental health condition, an increase from 11.2% in 2007-08, and 9.6% in 2001 (Australian Health Report, […]

Tips for Teaching Kids

What is the most effective Yoga practice for kids? Well……IT DEPENDS…. Why do kids need Yoga? There are, what seems like, an infinite amount of benefits of practising yoga for children. There is however, still no one-size fits all for children, as each learn and are motivated in different ways. More and more children and […]

What I learned from T K V Desikchar by Michael de Manincor

After 15 years of my own yoga practice, completion of teacher training and yoga therapy training programmes, and many years as a yoga teacher, including running our own yoga studio, I went to India to study at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM). My first trip was January 2001, when I met Mr TKV Desikachar. We […]

It Depends: Yoga for Menopause

Menopause describes the changes a woman goes through either just before or after she stops menstruating, marking the end of her reproductive period.  During this phase, the majority of women experience both emotional and physical symptoms of varying degrees. How can Yoga help the process of menopause?….IT DEPENDS… Firstly, it would depend on what symptoms […]

Science Behind Meditation: 20 Reasons to Start Today

“Research shows that meditation can not only soothe a disturbed and busy mind, but actually change the way the brain is wired” Michael de Manincor Emma M. Seppälä Ph.D. of Psychology Today detailed in a recent article, countless studies into the benefits of meditation. If you ever needed any more reasons, here they are: It Boosts Your HEALTH 1 – Increases […]

Yoga for Back Pain: It Depends

You are not alone when it comes to experiencing back pain It has been estimated that 70–90% of people suffer from lower back pain in some form at some point in their lives (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007–08, National Health Survey). Back problems can start early in life. Over the past years, there have been […]

viniyogah: What is Viniyoga?

At The Yoga Institute we don’t teach any particular ‘style’ of yoga. We teach yoga according to the principle of the ‘viniyoga of Yoga’. The viniyoga of Yoga can be described as the intelligent and systematic application of yoga tools and techniques according to the unique needs and circumstances of the individual. This principle was […]

Yoga to support Pregnancy & beyond: It Depends

What is the best practice for Pregnancy? Well it depends? Here are general considerations to inform a pregnancy yoga practice. Please remember there are no one size that fits all when it comes to developing a Yoga practice during this special time. The most appropriate practice is always the one that is tailored to meet […]

Yoga for Reducing Anxiety? It Depends…

Anxiety is a common mental health concern. Nearly 14% of Australian adults live with a diagnosed anxiety disorder. That’s over 2 million people in Australia, and there are many more people who experience some form of anxiety that is not diagnosed. What is Anxiety? Anxiety is generally described as feelings of fear, worry or nervousness […]

Health benefits of red wine, really? Ayurveda says yes

According to John Immel, the founder of Joyful Belly, Ayurveda says that a shot glass of wine can help relieve blood stagnation and release liver stagnation in the cold, sedentary winter months. Draksha is red wine that is infused with herbs that can help keep a person warm and cozy during the wintertime. Wine is […]

How to choose the best Teacher Training for you

In the ever-growing landscape of Yoga studies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what really makes a good Yoga teacher training. So here a 6 things to consider to help you make the right choice…  1. Does it feel like the ‘right fit’ for you? You’re going to be spending quite some time with these […]

Reduce Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety with Yoga

Spreading the word Our very own Director, Michael de Manincor PhD, is travelling to Adelaide to present the results of his research – Yoga for Mental Health – at The National Psychiatry Congress. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP), 2017 Congress  “Speaking our Minds. Telling our Stories”  Symposium:   Yoga Therapy in Psychiatric […]

Yoga Philosophy: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Living

Kriya Yoga – the action of Yoga  tapah      svadhyaya     isvarapranidhana kriya yogah  Discipline     Self Enquiry     Surrender The term kriya yoga is describing yoga as a process of personal transformation, which is so much more than just a means to keep us healthy. More than doing something because it […]

It Depends: Yoga for Insomnia

What is the most effective Yoga practice for insomnia? Well……IT DEPENDS…. There is no one-size fits all in Yoga, particularly when working with a specific condition, disease or illness. Insomnia affects 30% of the population and all those individuals could be experiencing it in very different ways and having it affect their lives in very different […]

Krishnamacharya and Desikachar: Our connection to their yoga lineage

Sri T Krishnamcharya (1888-1989) – The Source At The Yoga Institute we teach an approach of yoga that derives its roots from the teachings of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (Nov 18th, 1888 – Feb 28th, 1989). This post aims to share a brief summary on the life of Krishnamacharya and our connection to the source of these […]

EXCITING NEWS: New graduate yoga therapy programme and partnership with AIYT

The Yoga Institute (TYI) is excited to announce that we are partnering with Australia’s longest standing Yoga Therapy Training provider, The Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy (AIYT), for the co-development and delivery of our respective Yoga Therapy training programmes. This partnership is a continuation of a well-established working relationship between Janet Lowndes (Director of AIYT), […]

Christmas Presence and the Promise of the New Year

It’s so easy at this time of year to get caught up in the whirl of feast planning, crazy shopping, gift wrapping, tree decorating, christmas parties and catch-ups, and not be truly present to ourselves and our loved ones. I’ve often found myself searching high and low for the ‘perfect thoughtful present’ for a loved one […]

Savour Italy: A Personal Reflection

I have to be completely honest, I procrastinated writing this article for weeks, it was pushed to the bottom of the ‘to do list’ time and time again. So much happened in my one week Italian adventure, how could I possibly summarise my experience in a couple of pages? Lucky for me, I was given […]

Positive Rituals to Start Your Day

Here at The Yoga Institute, we cannot overemphasise the benefits of yoga on your health and well-being. An integrated yoga practice extends far beyond the bounds of the mat and encompasses our moment by moment choices about they ways we treat ourselves and others. How we choose to start our days can have a big impact […]

Our teacher is gone. His teachings continue.

T.K.V. Desikachar June 21, 1938 – August 8, 2016 It’s been a sad week here at The Yoga Institute following the passing of our beloved teacher Sri TKV Desikachar. Mr Desikachar lived a life of service to teaching and healing through yoga, and has made an extraordinary contribution to our world. He has given profound knowledge, […]

Video: The Science Behind Yoga

Check out this short film ‘The Science Behind Yoga’ which launched last month. This is a fascinating film that delves into new areas of research that are emerging, looking at the physical and mental health benefits of yoga. It features contributions from experts in the fields of yoga, meditation, neuroscience and psychology including our own Michael de […]

2016 International Day of Yoga

It’s been a week of connection and celebration to mark the United Nations International Day of Yoga. Tuesday 21st of June was the second annual International Day of Yoga, and we held our own celebration here at the centre in Cammeray in the evening. It was a lovely chance to get together with our community and […]

Guest Post: Yoga for free, for charity and for profit

by Brook McCarthy There’s a time for working for free, a place for charitable yoga teaching and a role for working for profit. As a yoga teacher, knowing the difference between these will help you avoid heartache and thrive as a professional, while helping to lift the entire yoga sector. Whether you’re a fledgling yoga […]

Video: Yoga and Mental Health

Last month Michael de Manincor of The Yoga Institute had the opportunity to present the findings from his PhD research on Yoga and Mental Health at the Happiness and its Causes conference in Sydney. It’s fascinating research and Michael delivered it with his usual warmth and good humour. We highly recommend you take a few […]

Digital Download: Centering Breath Practice

A practice to calm and balance. We would like to share  a PDF practice card explaining the benefits of the breathing practice called Pratiloma Ujjayi, and how to do it. In this post, we’re sharing a video where our Director, Michael de Manincor leads you through the practice. Pratiloma Ujjayi is a calming, balancing, centering pranayama […]

10 Minute Breath-Centering

Pratiloma Ujjayi is a calming, balancing, centering pranayama technique using a combination of alternate nostril breathing and ujjayi (the soft feeling of the breath in the throat). Click on the image below to download the practice instruction card: This practice is recommended only for experienced practitioners who have learnt how to use ujjayi and alternate nostril […]

Women and Yoga 

Yoga provides a sustaining force at every stage of life By Lisa Grauaug Yoga offers an array of benefits for women in all stages of life and when practiced appropriately and regularly it can have a powerful positive impact on a woman’s health and wellbeing. Yoga as a practice deals with the mind and brings about […]

Santi Claus is Coming to Town

by Annebelle van Tongeren Well there’s no getting around it. As we move through our December days, confronted by jingle bells at every shop window, and every streetscape adorned with all things merry and bright, we are without a doubt headed for that marvellous celebration. Christmas. And I love it. I come from a large Catholic […]

Yoga Psychology and the subtle mind-body-breath-life connection

by Michael de Manincor Yoga Psychology is an interesting term, perhaps a tautology, or at least it proposes an intriguing way of understanding psychology and the nature of the human condition, from an ancient wisdom culture. Yoga is all about the mind The system of Yoga, developed and taught by Patanjali (a great Indian sage […]

Why develop a gratitude practice?

by Brigette Keeble The fields of yoga, mindfulness and psychology converge in that they all encourage the practice of positive intentional activities to improve one’s emotional health and wellbeing. Why is it so important that we spend time practicing mindfulness and cultivating attitudes like gratitude? We now know that how we direct our lives – […]

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