Graduate Story: Podcast With Annebelle

Every graduate has a story to tell. One of our greatest aspirations in the work that we do, is to see how our students evolve and flourish in their lives during their studies, and then the work that they do when they go out into the ‘yoga world’. We are incredibly grateful for the extraordinary stories shared, especially this one from our Teacher Training graduate, Annebelle.

Meet Annebelle

Annebelle would describe herself as “an ordinary person who has experienced burnout”. She makes it very clear that she is not in fact Oprah Winfrey and is simply just figuring out everything as she goes.

To start at the beginning, Annebelle comes from a long career in television, 27 years to be exact. Every hear of something called Australian Idol? She was indeed the head stylist of the show’s first season finale at the Sydney Opera House. She became known for “delivering the impossible” in the industry. However, over time her greatest accomplishments also became her greatest stressors.

Annebelle acknowledges she stayed in the industry for too long and began experiencing burnout in the last few years there. She began noticing the signs: insomnia, going to the bathroom 14 times before heading to work, and using “wine to numb everything out”. Annebelle noticed she was losing her voice in life, had no resources left, and was ignoring all her friends’ support. One day, it all began to click and she decided to drop all the balls she was constantly juggling.

5 years later and The Yoga Institute came into her life. While completing her teacher training, relaxation became the time where she could regroup and get her energy for the rest of the day. Annebelle started finding the tools to address her anxiety and turn her life into something else completely. Her true epiphany was a comment made by Michael de Manincor on her first day, “simple things done regularly create habits that change everything”.

Now, Annebelle has her own podcast called Calm Is The New Black where she shares her story and interviews all the people who inspire her. Everyone she interviews are following their heart’s purpose just as she wants everyone else to do. Her goal is for her viewers to find the tools that work for them and to simply “park your thoughts” for just 1% of the day.

We can’t give everything away. Hear it for yourself: Listen to Annebelle’s podcast 

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