Is 200 Hours Enough to Teach Yoga?

Yoga Psychology and the subtle mind-body-breath-life connection

Reading the article (see link below) written by The Yoga Journal, on the effectiveness of a 200 hour teacher training, compelled me to to share why we do what we do.

Is 200 Hours Enough to Teach Yoga?

The Yoga Institute offers a faculty of teachers with over 25 years of experience. We believe, through providing professional support and guidance, that extraordinary education is the way to guide people to becoming great Yoga teachers.  A 200 hr course might be a great personal experience, but we do not believe it can provide the level of training required to become a confident and competent yoga teacher.

Have you done a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course?

No doubt:

  • It was a great experience
  • you loved all the yoga
  • it was with a great group of like-minded people
  • you made new friends and great connections

However, do you feel like you need more training to become a confident and competent (dare we say, great) yoga teacher, as well as becoming a registered yoga teacher in Australia?

Have you felt (or even been told) that you now have your “training wheels” as a yoga teacher?  And felt like having “training wheels” is not enough to go out there and teach?

At The Yoga Institute, we meet many, many people who have completed a basic 200hr teacher training course, and they all say the same thing: “It was a great experience, but I feel like I need to have more training to become competent and confident as a yoga teacher.”

Would you like more knowledge, skills, competence, confidence, and actual teaching experience as part of your training?

We have responded to feedback and offer courses that include:

  • more yoga philosophy – Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – much more than just the 8-limbs
  • more pranayama & meditation
  • how to plan/design different types of yoga practices
  • building relationship with a personal and professional Mentor
  • guidance in the development your own personal Yoga practice
  • specific training to guide students in the development of their personalised yoga practice – like becoming a Yoga Teacher Personal Trainer
  • time for reflection and opportunity to ask questions
  • time to enhance knowledge, and integrate this with confidence into your own practice and as a teacher of Yoga

 “I now not only have a deeper understanding of the role of an instructor of asana but a deeper desire to become a great yoga teacher someday. Knowing the difference of these two things has been a part of my growth as an individual during this course and has created the visual of where I see myself in years to come.” Jenna Cameron, Level One Upgrade Student

Want to know more?

Our Yoga Teacher Training Diploma is 500 hours for a very conscious reason.
If you are 200-hour trained, we can help you upgrade your qualifications and confidence, or you can do our complete 500-hour course with a generous discount.
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