The Survey Says….Top 10

It is perfectly normal to find yourself confused when entering the rabbit hole. Who better to explain it to you then our most recent Teacher Training graduates?

We recently asked our graduates…what were your three favourite things about training at The Yoga Institute and this is the top 10 most popular answers….

Personal journey – teaching from authenticity

In addition to attendance at general Yoga classes, students will have a personalized home yoga practice developed and guided in individual mentoring sessions

This may include asana, pranayama and meditation.

Plus a written journal for guided self-reflection.

“both in terms of the whole program having a strong grounding that makes you feel connected to the broader history of yoga as well as it’s modern practice”


Yoga should always be adapted to the needs, circumstances and goals of each individual, never the individual to fit the yoga.

We really value you as a student and make sure to nurture and support you throughout your journey to becoming an incredible yoga teacher and help you become the best version of yourself.

“The philosophy of the school – encouraging students to get in touch with their own bodies and needs so that we never feel the need to “prove” ourselves but rather focus on the breath and clarity of the mind.”

Mental Health

The principles and practices of Yoga were developed in ancient times, offering a wholistic, integrative system of mental health that is just as relevant today.

Yoga offers practices to enhance mental health and alleviate the symptoms of psychological ill-ease or mental illness, using mind-body-lifestyle interventions to cultivate a healthy, productive, flourishing life.

“The hosting of professionals co-working with the Yoga institute in physical and mental health fields offering huge knowledges and skills.”


2 sessions per term throughout the course (total of 8 sessions).

Includes development and guidance of student’s personal yoga practice, study supervision, mentoring as a trainee teacher, and supervision of assisting & teaching practicum.

“the mentoring power is a beautiful part of the course and I think not many other courses offer this to you”


At The Yoga Institute we teach an approach to yoga that comes from the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya, who is considered to be one of the greatest yogis of the past century.

Passionate about yoga and the benefits it brings to peoples’ lives, our team is committed to providing yoga teachers and yoga teacher training students with a highly engaging learning experience.

“you have one-one-one time with arguably the best educators, the best mentors, the best teachers and that’s invaluable”


By the end of the course you will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop and teach fully integrated practices for groups and individuals that include asana, pranayama, meditation, mudras, mantra & sound, yoga philosophy and more.

The Yoga Institute Diploma of Yoga Teaching is registered with Yoga Australia. Completion of the Diploma course meets all the requirements to become a full member with Yoga Australia (Level 1, 350 hrs).

“there’s a lot of amazing knowledge that has changed the way I see yoga and my whole life in fact”

Flexible Schedules

Online learning – mix of live webinars and self-paced material.

20 hours of online Yoga Anatomy training.

Guided home study.

“very clever schedule design to allow for adjustments and changes as needed (because life happens) and to allow completion over a longer period of time if required”

Michael de Manincor

Michael has completed a PhD in Health Science, in the area of Yoga and mental health.

Michael is one of the most highly respected and experienced yoga teachers in Australia, with an extensive background in different approaches and styles of yoga and meditation, and over 30 years of teaching experience.

“With Michael you really get an understanding of what the yoga sutras are, what they’re asking, what they’re sharing. It’s really beautiful.”


Since 2001 we’ve taught and mentored hundreds of students who have gone on to become amazing yoga teachers.

We’ve grown a beautiful community of people who have changed their own lives and the lives of others through exceptional yoga teaching.

“I made such beautiful friends, people that have gone along a journey with you, and people that have changed you in their own way”


Classroom-based training days (regular training days plus teaching residential).

Assisting, supervised and independent teaching experience through practicum programme.

“being in such a safe environment to be able to share our stories, our hardships, our struggles, but also the enlightening moments or the epiphanies that we have when learning about everything within yoga” 

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Our Teacher Training Course isn’t just for aspiring teachers, but for anyone who wants to deepen their personal practice and gain a better understanding of yoga.

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