Update: We’re staying flexible

We hope that you and your loved ones are managing OK in these challenging times.

What is happening at The Yoga Institute?

In response to the pandemic, we had made the decision earlier in the year to temporarily deliver all our training online via a combination of live online classes and self-paced learning. 

With the easing of restrictions here in NSW, we are now able to do training in person once again and have implemented a range of hygiene and physical distancing measures to ensure the health and safety of students and faculty.

Where are things at now?

Most of our courses already included an online component so we’ve been able to adapt quickly to a hybrid face-to-face / online model and stay flexible as the circumstances change. The feedback from our students about our online training has been incredibly positive and we are also really enjoying coming together (safely) in the classroom again.

Will there be a permanent shift to ‘fully online’?

We greatly value the sense of community that comes from being together. Whilst we acknowledge there are many ways to foster that online, we plan to continue offering training that includes face-to-face classroom learning for key components of our programs.

Can I complete the whole course online?

At this stage, no. Our intention is to come together in the classroom wherever we are able to do so safely. There are certain aspects of our teachings that benefit greatly from a face-to-face component. Therefore, you won’t be able to complete all of your studies online.

More questions?

If you’d like to learn more or have specific questions, please email us at teachertraining@yogainstitute.com.au or phone on 0477 021 219.

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