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We hope that you and your loved ones are doing OK in these challenging times.

What is happening at The Yoga Institute during uncertain times?

If you haven’t done any training with us recently, you may well be wondering what it might be like, particularly in uncertain times, when face-to-face training is not always possible. 

At The Yoga Institute, your best learning experience is at the heart of everything we do. Our founder and director, Michael de Manincor, may be best known as one of Australia’s preeminent trainers of yoga teachers and yoga therapists, and as a psychologist, but he also holds a degree in Education.

Adult education is both a science and an art.  Core to a great learning experience is for education providers to truly understand the different and varied ways people take in and process new knowledge.

We know not everyone learns the same. We also know how important it is that people feel empowered to have some freedoms to manage aspects of their own learning.

Online plays an important role 

A component of online training has long been an important cog in our education wheel, since well before the pandemic.

Online learning has two main parts:

a) live online learning (similar to a classroom), and
b) self-directed learning (including pre-work & homework)

Online learning greatly increases people’s accessibility to high-quality education and training. Across a broad range of training programmes and courses, we have long been able to condense vital studio time into manageable chunks of travel and commuting.

Online learning also allows for self-paced absorption, reflection and processing of information, crucial for long-term retention.

Face-to-face learning remains powerful 

At The Yoga Institute, we are passionate about producing yoga teachers and therapists that can truly guide other people towards transformation.  Which is why delivery of content is as important as the content itself. Most of our offerings are a hybrid model combining online learning with powerful face-to-face learning.

Yoga is about transformation. There is a significant mantle of responsibility on a yoga teacher or therapist who wishes to guide other people towards transformation.

Our online learning capabilities makes us nimble to sudden changes, and we have been able to deliver high-quality training to people over the course of 2 calendar years full of twists and turns, by harnessing the power of online learning. However, it is important to note that we don’t simply move all of our lessons onto an online learning environment when faced with lockdowns.

We are thoughtful and selective about which classes migrate to online learning during times such as lockdowns. 

For many of our courses, we prefer to go to the trouble of rearranging certain classes during a lockdown so that particular classes we truly believe are best delivered face-to-face, can move to a time when we can give them to you in the studio.  

Can I complete any of the courses totally online?

We greatly value the sense of community that comes from being together. Whilst we acknowledge there are many ways to foster that online, we plan to continue offering training that includes face-to-face classroom learning for key components of our programs.

We plan to remain selective about which classes or topics migrate well to an online forum. If we feel strongly that the students’ learning experience will be significantly impacted by the move online, on some occasions we have opted to re-organise dates for a later time when we can safely come together.

For both of our flagship diploma programmes:

500-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and

650-hour Yoga Therapy Training

we do not offer a wholly online option. Both have a variety of learning mechanisms and delivery methods, most certainly including live webinars online and self-paced online learning. But, there are components of each of these training programmes that we still passionately believe require face-to-face time in a classroom setting.

There are however, shorter courses and workshops that people can do from anywhere in the world, including:

100-hour Yoga Studies certificate

6-week Yoga Sutras Studies course

Advanced Pranayama workshop suite

The quality of our students’ learning experiences has always been –  and remains –  at the heart of all of our operational decisions

For people racing to simply receive the piece of paper, we may not be the best fit.  But for those seeking to equip themselves with high-quality education, those wanting to feel a sense of care and community as they enjoy their learning experience, and those who want to prepare themselves to guide true healing transformation in the lives of other people, then The Yoga Institute may be a great fit for you.

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