What is Mentoring and How Does It Work?

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The Mentoring Component of Your Studies with The Yoga Institute

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“Mentoring” is a modern word that describes an essential part of the tradition of yoga throughout history. 

Yoga Australia recognises and encourages the importance of mentoring, both being a mentor and being mentored, at all levels of training and teaching in yoga.  Here at The Yoga Institute, we have a team of experienced mentors who provide one-on-one mentoring for our trainees.

A dedicated mentor is one of the important (and cherished) features of our:

  • 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Diploma
  • 100-hour Yoga Studies course, and
  • 650-hour Post-graduate Yoga Therapy Training  

If you have never had a mentor relationship – particularly in the yogic sphere – you may be naturally curious how this works and why it’s so beneficial. So what is mentoring, and how does it work?

What is a mentor?

A yoga mentor is a senior Yoga Teacher, with extensive experience in their field.

Mentors live and breathe yoga, are committed to the teachings of the Yoga tradition and in addition to offering yoga in group or individual environments, they are very often also trainers themselves, helping to train aspiring yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

Our panel of mentors at The Yoga Institute are passionate about helping others and sharing their knowledge. 

What can you get out of having a mentor?

– Additional support and guidance navigating your course and its workload

– The gift of a personalised yoga practice tailored to your own special requirements

– One-on-one assistance with assessments, course content and general yoga questions

– Support and advice through the practicum component of your course

– Insights from someone who remembers being where you are, and has the benefit of experience to share

 – A dedicated source of encouragement and care

What are the qualities of a good mentor?

– Depth of experience

– A deep understanding of yoga, its history, context and applications

– Strong teaching, listening and communication skills

– Provides a caring, supportive and authentic environment in which to connect

What are the qualities of a good mentee?

– Curiosity to learn, question and seek answers to deepen their knowledge

– Open mind and open heart: allow yourself to being guided and to take on suggestions and feedback from an experienced mentor

– Commitment to steering the mentoring relationship and proactively booking and attending session with mentors

How does mentoring at the Yoga Institute work? 

Dependent on the course you do, a number of sessions are automatically included as a feature (see below)

Shortly after your course commences, you will receive an email matching you to one of our mentors. Students will proactively reach out to their mentors and book their mentoring sessions in. The mentors are asked not chase students, to help students build discipline and responsibility.

You can meet where suits (Our premises at Cammeray is an option, as is via Zoom where necessary, though we encourage your first meeting to be face to face so your mentor can learn about your body to help you refine or build a tailored practice).

Typically, one of the first things a mentor will do is learn about you and help you review any existing home practice, or design a personalised practice for you,  tailored for body and your individual needs at the time (physical, mental, emotional).

In addition to the specific mentoring session, mentors are available throughout your course via email and/or phone support to assist you along the way too

  • 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Diploma – includes 8 mentoring sessions
  • 100-hour Yoga Studies course   – includes 3 mentoring sessions
  • 650-hour Yoga Therapy Training – includes 2 mentoring sessions per yoga therapy module (plus additional sessions for the Therapeutic and Professional Practice module)

Many of our students report mentoring as one of their favourite features of their training process, and some go on to privately enjoy a mentoring relationship with their mentor long afterwards.   At the completion of your included mentoring sessions, you can chat to your mentor about a private arrangement ongoing if you wish. 

How can we support you ?

Join us, together we will grow, learn and inspire.

Learn more about our Teacher Training Programme

Learn more about our 100-hour course

Learn more about our Post-graduate Yoga Therapy Training

If you have done (or are doing) training elsewhere and are interested in mentoring as a standalone service, please contact us for a chat.

Email or call us: teachertraining@yogainstitute.com.au | 0477 021 219

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