What do students say?


"The Yoga Institute trains you in holistic yoga. At the end of the course I felt comfortable as a teacher of yoga postures, of yoga breathing, of yoga philosophies and yoga meditation"

Derek L


"This course was an invaluable experience. I feel thoroughly confident to go out and teach with the knowledge I have learned from T.Y.I. It has opened a doorway of new experiences and skills. The mentoring program is fantastic, I always felt supported throughout the course. The reason why I chose this course was because of the high standards that were evident in the course structure which has been translated throughout my experience this year and I believe that's why I feel so confident as a yoga teacher. Thank you to all The Yoga Institute faculty."



"I had looked around at completing my teacher training elsewhere, however when I came to the Yoga Institute and met Michael and Lisa I had this overwhelming feeling that this was right for me. This year studying at the Yoga Institute has taught me skills that I will use the rest of my life and that I dearly hope to have the privilege to share with others, and has connected me with a beautiful group of like minded people that will always be dear friends to me."



"I feel this course has been so valuable to live my life as a mum, wife, friend, daughter and business owner. Something shifted within and I feel whole, confident and loving. I don't know how I would have coped with a hugly busy year if it not had been for the knowledge and wisdom, Friday class and development of my personal practice. Thank you."



"The Yoga Institute is making a wonderfully positive impact on the yoga world here in Sydney and actually nationwide. I really can't praise the school highly enough and don't have the superlatives in my vocabulary to do it justice. I just wanted to acknowledge that and hopefully the others are too. They're definitely feeling it."



"I remember being hesitant in the beginning to take up this course...and now- I am so grateful that I did. The course and all of you have not only helped me to grow and develop as a teacher but also as a person. It's been an amazing journey and I know it's just the beginning. Thank you."



"I LOVED this course! One of the best years of my life. I feel I have so much to learn still as I go through my yoga teaching journey, but I feel so stable and confident with the knowledge I have gained through The Yoga Institute this year."



"It was an invaluable learning experience for which I am very grateful. It is one thing to have knowledge, it is another very empowering dimension to feel confidence and a level of skill in putting it into use."



"I was thrilled to be given such personalised guidance and genuine care on my learning journey"

Donna G


"Having already completed my Level 1 yoga teacher training in 2013 with another training school, I was considering the next step to further my studies and knowledge of yoga. Michael encouraged me to consider The Yoga Institute’s Advanced Diploma for which I am very grateful. I have attended, and completed, the course throughout this year and have found it has fulfilled all of my expectations.

Studying at TYI with Michael and his team has been very satisfying and fulfilling because I was looking for a more authentic approach to teaching yoga. Michael provides a depth of knowledge which has given me a greater insight into traditional yoga and the virtues of an integrated approach. I have gained greater clarity and confidence in teaching yoga that is more meaningful and relevant to modern life. I have thoroughly enjoyed the practical, down to earth approach at TYI."



"This year is just the beginning, thank you for helping to open this new door…new chapter on how I can live my life."



"For me the highlight was the teaching of the Yoga Sutras and the philosophical approach to yoga as well as how the methodology to design a yoga practice is so carefully addressed by the training"

Francesca V


"The Yoga Institute’s emphasis on Yoga Sutras is un-matched, and the sheer comprehensiveness of the course and the exceptional standard of teaching gives us a solid foundation to work with and the confidence to share our knowledge with potential students"

Genevieve D


"Doing this course is one of the best decisions I’ve made. It opened up a greater depth in my practice and has given me a much better understanding of some of the more subtle aspects of Yoga. It was a challenging and inspiring year and an incredible time of personal growth for me."



"Michael’s ability to create such a “feeling” within our group of teacher trainees was fantastic. Our bond and our exchange of ideas was an important part of our experiential learning experience"

Layla W


"I loved this course! I loved the range and depth and feel it has opened a door to lifelong learning"



"I had the most amazing year. I feel I have learnt so much. All the teachers have been amazing"



"Dear Michael,
I wanted to thank you for inviting me to attend your 3-day residential retreat this year even though I am enrolled in another teacher training at another school.

For 3 days in a row, I was able to observe each of your students teach in turn a one-hour class and I was amazed at the quality of their teachings. They have this confidence that usually long-time teachers excel in, more rarely students. They were all teaching beautifully allowing their own personality and style shine through.

My observing them brought me a whole new understanding of what teaching is and can be. What struck me the most was the clarity of their communication and speech. Their explanations were simple, easy to comprehend and to follow.

I felt also very lucky to attend classes taught by your advanced diploma students and that indeed, totally blew me away! Their classes were certainly among the best I have witnessed in my yoga life which started back in 1996.

I was very impressed too by the cohesion among the whole group of students supporting each other at all times. They all were so wonderfully kind towards me, the “outsider”. I felt immediately warmly welcomed. I am so grateful to all of them.

And so very grateful to you Michael. Your generosity shines throughout your teachings and consequently throughout your students’ teachings as well. Even though I am moving to Darwin in the next few weeks, I am looking forward to continuing my yoga studies with you in the future.

Forever grateful,"



"Yoga is so much more versatile and far reaching than I realised"



"I am very grateful to Michael for being such a knowledgeable, caring, and inspiring teacher and mentor"



"I can’t imagine being ready to teach without at least the entire course content I studied at The Yoga Institute"

Nicole W


"Hi Michael,

Good to hear from you. I wanted to send you a line after the retreat to say just how much I enjoyed it.
I was flying on a high for ages afterwards – in fact I was trying to put my finger on the feeling I had, and then I realised that it was that crazy feeling of being in love…

- in love with yoga!"

Tanya- Yoga Shine


"I never intended to take Yoga to this level or to be a yoga teacher, but now I want to teach"


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