Graduate Story: Laurin Vassella – Graduated 2011

Meet Laurin…

Laurin is a graduate from The Yoga Institute’s teacher training program. She has gone on an amazing journey after completing the program and wants to share it with future graduates. Read below in our question and answer styled blog post. Thank you for sharing Laurin and keep doing what you doing!

“Two people can come out of The Yoga Institute and teach completely differently because you are sharing you and you are sharing your heart.”

Laurin’s Journey

When did you graduate The Yoga Institute’s teacher training? I graduated the program in 2011.

What did you do once you graduated the program? A month after I gradated, I gave birth to my daughter so home life was quite busy. Following that, I became a cover teacher at a gym called Fitness First.

Are you currently still a cover teacher? I was given a permanent class after awhile and then a friend of mine offered me a teaching job at her studio. A year later, she shut down her studio and gave her students to me. The close connections I made with the students, inspired me to eventually open my own studio.

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Laurin’s Passion For Teaching Children

How’d you get into working with children? I have two children so kids were always a part of my yoga career, because I was always surrounded by them. They experienced my first yoga class before my students ever even touched it.

Is it hard to teach with your children in class? It was quite tricky discipline wise to get them all to work together. It was a challenge but it worked in the sense that they started to bring yoga into their life a lot more. There were thing’s I was starting to teach them in class that they were starting to translate in the house, and how they were talking to their friends, and things like that.

How do you incorporate children into your studio? I began by teaching tweens in the studio. The two rules were you can’t gossip and you can’t put yourself down. They feel like my children now too.

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Yoga’s impact on Laurin

How has yoga helped you over the years since you graduated? Three and half years ago, I was a surrogate for my brother and his husband. Deep meditation is just part of what I do now to feel closer to baby Felix. Yoga transforms itself into what you need if you listen.

Did being pregnant affect the style of yoga you partake in? I changed my yoga to not be so much about my body but more about my mind. I had to change how I was thinking and ground myself in to being what I was grateful for.

Did yoga help you grow closer to baby Felix? My yoga became ingrained with Felix. We just talked and were together. Yoga brought me back into that connection that I needed to have to what I do with him now. When he sees me it’s like he never left me and we go straight back into our bond.

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Practice with Laurin (and her team)

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