The Yoga Institute Team Recommends – Series: 2022

Looking for reading and entertainment over Summer? Enjoyable finds (and some old favourites) collected by us that we enjoyed, to spark curiosity, nourish grey cells and warm your heart.


Why do I remember embarrassing things I’ve said or done in the past and feel ashamed all over again? – The Conversation

A family tree of humanity released in 2022 shows how we’re all related – New Scientist

Benefits Of Gaṇapati-Mantra | Oṁ Gaṁ Gaṇapataye Namaḥ – Dr Kausthub Desikachar

Breaking Up With Weight Loss – Mind Body Well

Using Your Intuition To Make Tough Choices – Yoga Well Institute

What Is Enlightenment? – Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit


You Are The Happiness You Seek – Rupert Spira

Vedic Meditation and Subtle Dimensions – J. Brown with Jonni Pollard


I May Be Wrong – Bjorn Natthiro Lindeblad

The Deeper Dimension of Yoga: Theory and Practice – Georg Feuerstein


The History of Yoga – Visshuddi Films

Dropping In: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life – Marisa Peer/ Omega Institute

Laniakea: Our Home Supercluster – Nature Video


Mushroom Lentil Meatballs – Mary Berg, ‘Mary Makes It Easy’

Healthy Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble – Dutch Food Heritage

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