Yoga Therapy: A DOORWAY to revealing story

By Lisa Grauaug

A key focus in a Yoga Therapy session is understanding our client’s perspective and this includes “what would they like to gain from the Yoga Therapy sessions?”

This question is foundational and one that forms part of a greater reflection for the client and therapist.

For example
A client’s initial focus for the Yoga Therapy sessions may be that they would like to be physically free of chronic pain. The client has shared that they have tried other therapies and they are still struggling, expressing feelings of helplessness and being lost about what to do next?

Opening the doorway
As a Yoga Therapist I focus on facilitating this request. In the session/s, I will spend time developing an understanding of the client’s story around the chronic pain, utilising key questions and observational skills. I am also particularly interested in understanding how their health challenge maybe restricting their current daily activities of living and life in general.

The doorway has been opened
Curiosity then opens up a new doorway to looking at other aspects of their story. This may include aspects about what they value in life. Such as the value of wellbeing, value of spending quality time with their children, value of being support to their partner or their value of being productive at work etc. A fresh shared understanding of the client’s story is unveiled.

A well-trained Yoga Therapist is taught how to provide space which enables client’s to share their story, no stone is left unturned – and from this story we broaden perspective & find windows to facilitate steps forward and positive change.

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