Yoga Psychology & Mental Health Workshops – Saturday 24th July – ONLINE!

Yoga Therapy meeting the needs of a changing world

Scientific research continues to reveal insights into the therapeutic application of yoga for various conditions and illnesses.

As more and more evidence of yoga therapy’s benefits accumulates, naturally interest continues to grow in both:

  • Yoga therapy as a respected and complementary adjunct to conventional treatments for people, and
  • Yoga therapy as an attractive and satisfying career option for those working in the yoga industry.

Join us this coming Saturday 24th July for one or both of our exciting special workshops!

Morning Workshop – Yoga Therapy in a Multi-disciplinary Mental Health Setting

Presented by: Natalie Haider, Psychologist & Yoga Therapist

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

CE Points: 3 hours

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to working in a Mental Health Setting (MHS)
  • Specific considerations for delivering yoga therapy in a MHS
  • Practice planning
  • Case Study: yoga therapy in an outpatient setting 
  • Dealing with challenges as they arise and self-care

Afternoon Workshop – Neurodiversity & Yoga Therapy

Presented by: Dr Jackie Bailey, Psychologist & Yoga Teacher

Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm

CE Points: 3 hours

What you will learn:

  • What is Neurodiversity?
    – Normalising it as variations of the human brain
    – Identifying the strengths of neurodiversity
  • What is autism?
    – High & low functioning
    – Criteria needed for diagnosis
    – How it is assessed/common professionals involved
    – Effective communication strategies
    – Clinical implications & what to consider when designing a yoga therapy plan for a client with autism
    – Sensory needs
    – Need for routine and predictability
    – Case study example & hands-on practice in class
  • What is ADHD?
    – Criteria needed for diagnosis
    – How it is assessed/common professionals involved
    – Clinical implications & what to consider when designing a yoga therapy plan for a client with ADHD
    – Executive functioning challenges (breaking tasks down, attention, focus)
    – Case study example & hands-on practice in class

For 1 workshop: $110, or
For both workshops: $195

Bookings to join us live close 6pm Friday 23rd July!

Stay stimulated during lockdown and join us for these fascinating topics.

To register, please contact us at or 0477 021 219. We will send you an invoice, and Zoom Links will be emailed Friday evening.

Can’t join us live?

Workshops will be recorded so registration will grant you access to a recording for up to one month. You can register to simply watch the recordings by contacting us by Friday 30th July.

Starts 29th July 2021: Advanced Pranayama – ONLINE

Breath is life. Breathe well, live well. 

A 3-part skill development workshop for yoga teachers and yoga therapists, and a chance for anyone with pranayama experience to deepen their practice.

Based on the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya, this specialist course takes place over 3 half-day ONLINE SESSIONS to build on introductory breathwork and what you may have come across in yoga classes or teacher training.

No one needs to be told that we need to breathe. We just do it, and survive! Most of the time, it is done without any conscious awareness. And, unconscious habits and patterns soon develop.  

However, few of us are taught how to breathe well, and how to change the unconscious habits and patterns of our breathing, to explore or unlock the power of more conscious breathing. Generally, this does not happen naturally, just by itself. 

Basic breath awareness is a great start. And then, teaching our system ways to breathe more functionally, is a great improvement. Classical yoga teachings often warn about pranayama practices, without the guidance of a knowledgable and experienced teacher. Here’s your chance!

What you will learn

  • The biomechanics and physiology of pranayama
  • A range of yogic breathing techniques (some rarely experienced or taught in yoga classes) 
  • Conscious breathing practices than can fundamentally change the habit and patterns of our breathing, including respiratory rates and mind states 
  • The benefits and contraindications of pranayama and the safe and effective integration of pranayama with bandha, mudra, kriya and relaxation. 

Is this training for me? 

This specialist training is part of our Graduate Yoga Therapy Training program. It is open to and suitable for: 

  • Any existing yoga teacher or yoga therapist keen to study with Michael de Manincor, expand their knowledge and gain 14 points towards their Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Any enthusiastic yoga practitioner with some experience in yogic breathwork techniques. 
  • Graduates of The Yoga Institute’s 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Diploma who would like to pursue the full Yoga Therapy Training Diploma are required to complete this module

There are no pre-requisites to enjoy this course, but it is beneficial if people have a consistent yoga practice and have had prior experience with various pranayama techniques.

Plus, this training is 100% online, meaning you can do it from anywhere.

Dates don’t suit? These webinars are recorded so you can even do this course self-paced in your own time!

Details and Bookings

Dates & Times:
Thursday 29th July: 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Thursday 26th August: 1:30 – 4:30pm
Thursday 2nd September: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Training Delivery: ONLINE (via Zoom)
Facilitator: Michael de Manincor
Cost: $330

To find out more about this course and reserve a place, please contact us:
Ph: 0477 021 219 or

Current and past students of The Yoga Institute will have the Advanced Pranayama course added to their profile on our online learning portal, Teachable.  Students new to The Yoga Institute will be granted access to our online learning portal  where videos and other resources are housed.   And we’re here to help you at any step of the way.   

There is no compulsory textbook for Advanced Pranayama, though we highly recommend The Heart of Yoga by TKV Desikachar (readily available through online booksellers) as a wonderful companion text.

About Michael

This specialist training is part of our Graduate Yoga Therapy Training program and will be taught by founder and director of The Yoga Institute, Dr Michael de Manincor, who has been practicing, teaching and doing research in pranayama practices for more than 30 years. 

Under the personal tutelage of Mr TKV Desikachar, Michael embodies an authentic approach to yoga, following the traditions of Desikachar’s father, T Krishnamacharya (also widely referred to as the father of modern yoga).

Passionate about how yoga can improve the quality of life for anyone, Michael has a special interest in how integrated yogic techniques can offer people mental health and contentment.

Read more about Michael here

What people say about learning from Michael

“A heartfelt thank you. Michael, you are wise, kind, knowledgeable, mischievous and above all an inspiration! Thank you for all you have taught me.” 

“The Yoga Institute is making a wonderfully positive impact on the yoga world here is Sydney and nationwide. I really can’t praise the school highly enough and don’t have the superlatives in my vocabulary to do it justice.”  – Billy

“I am very grateful to Michael for being such a knowledgeable, caring, and inspiring teacher and mentor” – MR

“I found as we re-visited the study of pranayama and asana I became more confident with using these tools in my own practice and in guiding others in their practice”   – Tina


Practice Design

The principles of how to design practices for different contexts and different people

This course unit gives students a base in designing intelligent, well-structured practices – using the qualities of Sthira and Sukkha – that prepare the body, breath and attention for integrated yogic practice.

This unit covers:

  • Introduce key concepts related to designing and planning a yoga practice
  • Understand the main component of a yoga practice
  • The skill development of designing a yoga practice
  • The skill development of evaluating a yoga practice

You will learn how to assess the intention behind each class (such as group versus individual practice) to work towards the desired effect of each practice.

You will use tools such as the vinyasa krama of an individual posture and a group of postures, sequencing and timing to produce tailored and effective practices.

You will learn about goal postures, dynamic and static practice, counterposing, the importance of warm-up and rest poses and much more.

Training includes classroom learning, webinars, self-study, assignments and 1 mentoring session.

Details and bookings

This course unit is part of our Yoga Teacher Training Diploma, joining one of our trainees’ schedules. It is available as part of a teacher training upgrade, or a pathway towards yoga therapy training.

2021 Dates:

Option 1
Saturday 31st July: 9:30am – 11:30am (in classroom*)
Sunday 1st August: 9:30am – 11:30am (in classroom*)
Saturday 18th September: 2:30pm – 5:30pm (in classroom*)
Wednesday 11th August: 6:30pm – 9pm (evening webinar)


Option 2
Wednesday 18th August: 9:30am -1:30pm (in classroom*)
Thursday 19th August: 9:30am – 11:30am (in classroom*)

* subject to change according to NSW Health. Lessons may be online.

Facilitator: Michela Caselli
Read more about Michela

Cost: $440

For more information and to book, contact us at or 0477 021 219

August 10th – 11th, 2021: Interpersonal Communication & Therapeutic Skills for Yoga Therapy

A skill development workshop for yoga teachers and yoga therapists

This 2-day course focuses on developing foundational interpersonal skills to facilitate the therapeutic relationship in one-on-one yoga therapy and yoga teaching sessions.

This training is part of our Graduate Yoga Therapy Training program and also open to yoga therapists, yoga teachers and yoga teacher training graduates as a standalone continuing education course.

In this course, you will gain knowledge and skills in: 

  • Fundamentals of effective communication
  • Communication (social) styles
  • Eye contact and other non-verbal communication
  • Motivators and values
  • Therapeutic rapport
  • Conscious listening skills
  • Types of powerful questions

During this training, you will have the opportunity to put what you’re learning into practice to develop your capabilities and confidence for working one-on-one with clients and students.

ASSESSMENT: For students completing this as part of the Yoga Therapy Training program, assessment is undertaken in-training and ongoing, through the use of communication skills exercises and specific role-play situations.

Details and Bookings

Date: Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th August, 2021
Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm 
Location: The Yoga Institute, Cammeray
Facilitator: Lucy Karnani
Cost: $550 inc. GST

***limited participants 

Get in quick as Lucy’s workshops SELL OUT fast!

Course Recognition

Yoga teachers attending this course can earn 16 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points towards their Yoga Australia membership. There are no prerequisites or assumed knowledge for this course.

More Information

To find out more about this course please contact us:
Ph: 0477 021 219 or

About Lucy Karnani

Lucy has been leading training programs and coaching individuals in effective communication for nearly 30 years. Transitioning out of the corporate world in the early 2000’s she came to a regular and committed personal yoga journey and as such is passionate about the transformational value it can bring to a person’s life.

Now she feels blessed to be sharing both her loves – Conscious Communication and Yoga! She has been leading Communication Skills training workshops for yoga teachers and therapists since 2012, both as part of yoga teacher and therapist training programs, as well as stand-alone programs offered by yoga studios in both Australia and the USA. She is the co-author of the book “CONNECTING -Conscious Communication for Yoga Teachers and Therapists”.

What people say about learning from Lucy

“Thank you Lucy for sharing your knowledge, inspiring us and teaching us how to present. Loved how interactive the workshop was and that it was an intimate group.  Thank you Lucy for a fabulous workshop, it was incredible to see how everyone improved over the weekend. Highly recommend for anyone who is presenting in front of people, such great tips were shared.” Tara

“The presentation and communication workshop was fantastic. Lucy’s expertise consisting of both her work and life history allowed for a space in which each participant was seen, supported, challenged and encouraged. Lucy’s enthusiasm, passion and humour provided a safe and nurturing environment … what for me felt impossible for a lifetime now feels possible! This is a workshop I will never forget and I feel exceptionally grateful to have enrolled in.”  Anna Phillips

“Thank you Lucy for this workshop. It has taken my confidence to a new level. You have given me an understanding of the design process involved in creating a workshop without overwhelm and, the presentation skills workshop to be able to present with confidence. The growth in myself and what I could see in other participants in just a few days was incredible. Thanks to not only your depth of knowledge and experience, but holding a safe space for us to experiment.  I am very grateful for this experience.” Andrea Hamblin 

This was the best workshop I have done in years. 2 days, just 2 days with Lucy Karnani and I had a measurable, immediate impact on my business, my confidence and my ability to communicate my message.  Lucy is incredible.  She guides and supports you to discover and hone your strengths as she shares her wisdom in an incredibly practical, insightful and engaging way.  This experiential skill development workshop goes well beyond handing over a template for creating your own workshop and delivers an experience which has you exploring your communication and presentation strengths and opportunities to grow and learn. Offer all you have to this experience and you will not be sorry.” Katie Dutton, All Souls Yoga

“After many years of yoga study and teaching, I found my knowledge was extensive, but I needed structure to pull it all together for effective delivery. I had begun teaching workshops & realised it was very different to teaching yoga classes. This workshop was everything I wanted. It gave me planning and delivery maps & skills to follow, there was plenty of practice presenting, we covered many useful topics and the presenter, Lucy, was highly experienced in this field. And the hosts were very warm and welcoming. Can highly recommend it.” Jane, Jindabyne Yoga Shala

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What have our students experienced studying with us in 2020?

It’s clear that 2020 has been one of the strangest and most challenging years for so many. Our 2020 cohort of Teacher Trainees were just a few weeks into their studies when the first Covid-19 restrictions were announced.

With so much uncertainty as to how long the pandemic would last or what it would mean for how we live our lives, our students stepped into the uncertainty.

They continued on their path of learning about and embodying the ancient wisdom of Yoga and how it can be applied to modern lives.

The stories of how studying with us has supported students through the many challenges of 2020 are truly inspiring:

“While 2020 has had many peaks and troughs, completing my yoga teacher training through The Yoga Institute was certainly the highest peak! in a year marked by much turbulence and chaos, the course was very grounding for me. Not only have I grown in terms of my physical asana practices, I have also depended my knowledge of yoga philosophy, discovered the many benefits of pranayama and meditation and built my confidence as I embark on teaching yoga classes of my own. I am really thankful to the wonderful team at The Yoga Institute for providing me with this opportunity.”

2020 Teacher Trainee

“The team at The Yoga Institute have gone beyond and above during this year of Covid, always moulding and adapting to whatever restrictions are thrown their way. I felt Covid did not impact my yoga studies due to the support and diligence of The Yoga Institute.” 

2020 Teacher Trainee

“Whilst on stand down, studying yoga is what kept me grounded (and sane!). I initially joined the course as ‘life enhancement’ to sit alongside the rest of my life. But I have walked away with a completely transformed mindset and new found purpose in life. Not only has my life been enhanced, but all those around me are benefiting from it too.”

2020 Teacher Trainee

How we support our students through uncertainty

If you are concerned about the uncertainty that 2021 might bring we want to assure you that our teacher training course will not be hindered. Not only have we ‘adapted and moulded’ to the restrictions and changes, we have been working hard enriching our students learning experience in so many ways. Our online learning platform has more content, we have

  • Developed additional material, both written and video
  • Shared new resources 
  • Online classes are now available 
  • Zoom classroom sessions are recorded and available to watch and rewatch! 

Community and safety is important. Where possible we are conducting training in person and we have hygiene measures and physical distancing in place for the safety of our students and faculty.

We have tools and processes in place to move classes to an online format when needed and students are able to access course materials and session recordings via our online teaching portal.

Importantly, our students receive care and individual attention from our faculty and their mentor to make sure they feel supported throughout their time studying with us.

Taking care of our mental health has never been so important. The development of a personal practice and one-on-one mentoring our students receive as part of their studies has been a lifeline for many:

“I initially started doing the course to improve my posture but it became so much more than that. It has assisted me with a holistic approach to living, helping not only my physical body but also my mind. Helping me stay calm through a very trying year.”

2020 Teacher Trainee

“The course changed to suit Covid conditions and the support I received from my mentor was par to none. Our mentors are like mothers… we all thought we had the best one! We always had someone to support us through our yoga journey”

2020 Teacher Trainee

“I’ve benefited immensely from the one-on-one mentoring which allowed me to practice yoga, pranayama and meditation throughout lockdown and beyond. Completing this course is the best thing I have done in years and I’m truly excited about where it will take me!”

2020 Teacher Trainee

If you LOVE Yoga and are curious to learn more, come along to our next Information Session – it’s free! Book Now

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Tap into the Healing Potential of Yoga

There are a myriad of ways to transform your health through Yoga.

Were you aware of the array of benefits that Yoga has been shown to offer people when it comes to ones health and healing? Current research continues to support the validity of such claims (Harvard Medical publication – An Introduction to Yoga). This report reveals with clinical research that Yoga offers so much more than a physical stretch, a way to strengthen and tone your body. It in fact it has a powerful effect on your whole health.

The Health Benefits of Yoga

The list of yoga’s health benefits is quite long and continually growing and more research is done. When it comes to scientific research, yoga is a tricky topic for many reasons, the main one being that there are so many types and styles of yoga. Each style and teachers offers something a little different. Some classes are more asana (physical) focus, while others focus more on pranayama (breathing) or meditation. The bottom line is that yoga has a lot to offer.

Harvard Medical School Special Health Report “An Introduction to Yoga” dedicates a chapter offering an overview of the research on yoga’s physical and mental benefits. Listed in this chapter:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Better Physical Health
    • Reduced risk of heart disease
    • Improved diabetes management
    • Back pain relief
    • Less arthritis pain
  • Better mental health
    • A sharper brain
    • Less depression and anxiety
    • Relief for PTSD
  • Increased well-being
    • Better sleep
    • Better body awareness
    • Weight loss
    • Greater happiness
    • Youthfulness

The publication also mentions “Why yoga has so many health benefits”

  • It taps down on stress
  • It reduces inflammation
  • It tones the vagus nerve
  • It amps up immunity
  • It changes your brain
  • It turns on genes that promote health

Yoga is the perfect remedy to assist with everything from heart disease to high pressure to anxiety and depression. 

Yoga is a mind-body practice that considers the whole person.  A yoga practice may include postures – either static or dynamic movements, breathing techniques, calmative or relaxation practices, practices that enhance vitality, or more contemplative practices such as meditation.

How we approach ones Yoga practice to restore health and provide healing ALWAYS depends on the person. Often when we are limited, or suffering with our health we forget or cannot see the other aspects of our being that we can tap into. Yes – we forget our potential – a well trained and experienced Yoga teacher or therapist can assist people to awaken these other aspects of themselves and see the potential for better functioning, health and healing.

In the Harvard Medical publication on Yoga there was mention of a Clinical Cardiology study where a yoga programme was shown to increase the flexibility of blood vessels by 69% and it even helped shrink blockages in arteries without the use of medications! Now this is promising.

Without a doubt this time-tested ancient practice – Yoga – is here to stay and we look forward to continue to hear more about Yoga’s vast application and usefulness to transform health and support healing.

“Tone and strengthen your body while you lower blood pressure … ease back pain … reduce the risk of heart disease … and improve your memory with YOGA!”

To read publication: CLICK HERE

How can we support you?

Interested in teacher training? Visit our webpage
Interested in Yoga Therapy Training? Visit our webpage
Interested in developing a personal home practice? Visit our webpage

Have questions’? Email or call: 0477 021 219

February 26th, 2020: Ayurveda Monthly Workshop

“The People’s Medicine”

The Yoga Institute is very excited to invite you to join us for monthly Ayurveda Workshops with Eleni Tsikrikas

Did you know? Ayurveda is Yoga’s sister science and the planet’s oldest nature based self care system. Its goal is longevity and vibrant health for you. Ayurveda offers a view of health that is practical and simple. It empowers and encourages each of us to participate in our health and longevity.

Date: Wednesday 26th February
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm, followed by tea for those who’d like to stay
Facilitator: Eleni Tsikrikas
Cost: $44

Join Eleni Tsikrikas, certified Ayurvedic teacher and healer with over 12 years of clinical experience and certifications in Yoga and Western Herbalism. This will be a  truly innovative and wonderful series of monthly Ayurveda workshops.

Each month we will introduce a new food or lifestyle theme and give a short talk, followed by an interactive discussion. You will walk away with a foundational knowledge of each topic along with some practices that will enhance your life and health.

Who is this for?
This unique workshop is especially held for anyone interested in Ayurveda.

What students say…

“Thanks so much for last night. I felt quite buzzy when I woke up! Such incredible food for thought, to linger over and unpick and explore. I loved Eleni’s clear explanations of how things connect and intersect. I know I’m just dipping my toes in the water. I’ll be back for more …” Bridget


December 4th – 6th, 2020: Presentation Skills and Workshop Design for Yoga Professionals


“This was the best workshop I have done in years. This course had an immediate impact on my business, my confidence and my ability to communicate my message.  Lucy is incredible.” Katie Dutton, All Souls Yoga

A specialised experiential skill development workshop

As a yoga teacher or a yoga therapist, you may be asked to give a presentation about what you do, speak at a conference, or to provide short courses on topics in which you have expertise. Or, you may decide that you want to start offering retreat or workshops to your students or to train other yoga teachers and therapists.

If so, Presentation Skills and Workshop Design will provide all the information that is required to plan, organise and professionally deliver your presentations or workshops. As a result of attending this workshop you will learn ways to shorten your preparation time, tailor your content, genuinely engage with your various audiences and facilitate the learning process.

About the Program

This will be a highly participatory program where you will be introduced to tried-and-tested planning tools for presentation and workshop design. There will be role play of presentations to use these organisational tools and specific communication skills practised to enhance your presentation delivery. And finally, communication fundamentals will be discussed to make sure that everything you share is tailored to the specific group with whom you are working.

Because this is a “learn by doing” workshop the numbers will be limited to only six people. This will ensure that there is enough time for true skill development and evolution, as well as the opportunity to receive personalized feedback.

Details and Bookings

Date: Friday 4th – 6th December 
Time: Fri 6:00pm – 8:45pm Sat 9:30am – 5:30pm, Sun 8:30am – 4:30pm 
Location: The Yoga Institute, Cammeray
Facilitator: Lucy Karnani
Cost: $520

***limited to 6 participants 

Get in quick as Lucy’s last 2 workshops have SOLD OUT very quickly.

Course Recognition

Yoga teachers attending this course can earn 16 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points towards their Yoga Australia membership. There are no prerequisites or assumed knowledge for this course.

If you are not a yoga teacher but are seeking skill development in this area, this program could still be appropriate for you; please contact us to discuss your situation. 

More Information

To find out more about this course please contact Kirstie Christensen:
Ph: 0477 021 219 or

About Lucy Karnani

Lucy has been leading training programs and coaching individuals in effective communication for nearly 30 years. Transitioning out of the corporate world in the early 2000’s she came to a regular and committed personal yoga journey and as such is passionate about the transformational value it can bring to a person’s life. Now she feels blessed to be sharing both her loves – Conscious Communication and Yoga! She has been leading Communication Skills training workshops for yoga teachers and therapists since 2012, both as part of yoga teacher and therapist training programs, as well as stand-alone programs offered by yoga studios in both Australia and the USA. She is the co-author of the book “CONNECTING -Conscious Communication for Yoga Teachers and Therapists”.

What past participants say

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Podcast: Leslie Kaminoff on Back Pain, Dr. Sarno and the Power of Breath

Meet Leslie Kaminoff…

Meet Leslie Kaminoff, a Yoga educator with forty years experience in the study of Yoga and the breath. Leslie studied with T.K.V Desikachar, a teacher renowned for his emphasis on the therapeutic aspects of yoga, and he is the co-author of the bestselling book Yoga Anatomy.

Listen to Like ‘Mind, Like Body’ podcastYogi Leslie Kaminoff on Back Pain, Dr. Sarno and the Power of Breath

Leslie shares his own personal story of losing his breath for six months, having what he calls a “pranic breakdown,” overcoming severe back spasms, and watching his hero suffer from dementia. He’ll also share what he’s learned about how simple breathing habits and basic yoga practice can transform the way we face adversity taking us from reactive to responsive.


Specifically Designed Online Yoga Anatomy Course

Leslie and Amy have designed an online Yoga Anatomy course specifically for our Yoga Teacher Training 500 hour Diploma Course. We are lucky to have this comprehensive Yoga Anatomy online component as part of our training.
Is extremely generous with content.
This course exposes students to a variety of ways to understand the human body – including western anatomy and physiology, functional anatomy, kinesiology and how this all this integrates with yoga practices such as the asana (posture), breathing techniques, use of the bandhas and more.

How can we support you?

Leslie is coming to Sydney for a 2 day workshop in March 2020: More information and bookings 

Interested in yoga teacher training? More information

March 7th & 8th, 2020: Leslie Kaminoff Workshop Sydney

Leslie Kaminoff Down Under 2020

Reimagining Alignment – Fundamental Practices and Foundational Principles

A 2-day Interactive Yoga Workshop that will inform, inspire and transform both your personal practice and teaching

T.K.V. Desikachar’s teachings respect the individual nature of yoga practice, and his father, T. Krishnamacharya, emphasized the importance of breath integration along the central axis of the body.  Inspired by these sources, Leslie Kaminoff has developed an anatomically-inspired set of yoga principles. He uses these to guide teachers and practitioners as they embody their own, personal understanding of what works for them, both in personal practice and teaching. During these practice-heavy sessions, Leslie will model these principles by teaching a variety of sequences, techniques and inquiries.

Dates: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March, 2020
Venue: Mosman Art Gallery: Grand Hall, Sydney
Time: 9:00am – 4:30 pm


Doors will be open from  8:30 am to settle into your space and be ready for 9:00 start.

Session times: 9:00am-12:00pm & 1:30-4:30pm

Re-imagining Alignment

This highly interactive workshop relies on students to bring questions about their own asana practice and teaching language. Leslie will promote an experimental, experiential atmosphere of inquiry regarding the teaching of alignment, safety and effective cueing of asana.

The session begins with an historical and anatomical perspective on the subject and functional definition of alignment. Then, an exploration of the uniqueness of human structure will lead to the understanding that “asanas don’t have alignment – people have alignment.”

Starting with clear, simple principles that govern musculoskeletal function, Leslie will help you put your asana on a solid foundation literally from the ground up (and from your head down). Topics include:

  • The fundamental importance of proprioception and interoception
  • Functional principles of alignment
  • Breath-centered, anatomically-based cueing
  • The relationship of bandha to support and movement
  • Why instructions like “tuck your tail,” “lengthen your spine,” “square your hips” may be doing more harm than good, and what kind of language to use instead
  • The use of gazing (drishti) and imagery to foster increased neuromuscular integration


Morning session: 9:00am-12:00pm

Less Talking, More Doing – The Theory of Mostly Practice

This is a full-length practice session (2+ hours) with a minimum of lecture. Simple body and breath warmups will be followed by a session of seated breath/bandha practice.

A standing vinyasa series will flow into floor work, modified inversions, twists, backbends and forward bends, concluding with a full savasana, followed by quiet sitting.Brief introductory and concluding remarks will frame the session.

Afternoon session: 1:30-4:30pm

Shushumna Nadi in Theory and Practice – The Central Pillar of Krishnamacharya’s Yoga

An organizing principle of Krishnamacharya’s breath-centered approach to yoga theory and practice involves the opening of the central channel of the energetic body – the Shushumna Nadi. Leslie’s uniquely anatomical and experiential perspective on this topic refers to this as “vertical axis integration.” This session will explore this idea in a practice sequence that integrates asana, kriya, bandha, mudra, pranayama. The session will conclude with a dhyana on the imagery derived from Krishnamacharya’s unique perspective on Prana/Apana, Kundalini and Agni

Dates: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March, 2020
Venue: Mosman Art Gallery: Grand Hall, 1 Art Gallery Way, Mosman (Sydney)
Time: 9:00am – 4:30 pm

PRICE for the Full Weekend Program: $649 regular price

Previous years have been a sell out event, book in early to avoid disappointment

* no pre-requisites or prior learning required *

Terms & Conditions:
Full payment for this event is required to secure your registration. Cancelations prior to the 17th February 2020 are eligible for a refund minus $250. Cancellations received after the 17th February are not eligible for a refund. You may transfer your registration to another person at no cost, however, please notify the program host in writing prior to commencement.

Event cancelation: The Yoga Institute Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel any event, workshop or retreat due to extenuating circumstances. In the unlikely event that this occurs, a full refund of registration fees paid will be returned to the participant. However, no responsibility will be accepted for any consequential loss in any circumstances. Where applicable, adequate travel insurance is highly recommended.

Please email us in writing for cancellation notifications.

About the facilitator: Leslie Kaminoff 

Leslie Kaminoff is a yoga educator inspired by the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar. He is recognized internationally as a specialist in the fields of yoga, breath anatomy and bodywork. For over four decades he has led workshops and developed specialized education for many leading yoga associations, schools and training programs in America and throughout the world. His approach to teaching combines intellectual rigor, spontaneity and humor, and is always evolving.
Leslie is the founder of The Breathing Project, a New York City based educational non-profit dedicated to advancing educational standards for yoga teachers and other movement professionals. His unique year-long course is available online at
He is the co-author, with Amy Matthews, of the best-selling book “Yoga Anatomy.”
You can follow him on Instagram (@leslie.kaminoff), Twitter (@lkaminoff) and on Facebook (LeslieKaminoffYogaAnatomy), on YouTube (YogaAnatomy) and learn more at

Bonus Material 

A Post-Iyengar Reimagining of Alignment in Asana

Negative Feedback Can Be Positive (except when it’s just negative)

Son vs Father’s Yoga Teachings

A simple breathing question with a complex answer

Honesty in Yoga Credentialing

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