Aug 1, 2018: Yoga Psychology & Mental Health

Graduate Studies in Yoga Therapy

Course Dates

Face to Face Intensive Module:
Wednesday, August 1st to Wednesday, August 8th

Live Online Webinars: Dates TBC

Module Content

This Module will explore the Yogic model of the mind and mental health, as it relates to Yoga Therapy, including:

  • An understanding of the Yogic model of mind
  • The states and functions of the mind according to Yoga
  • An exploration of the healthy psychological system and the system in distress
  • An exploration of common mental health issues, through a Yoga Therapy lens, including depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, sleep disorders, personality disorders, and psychosis
  • Yoga Therapy treatments involving the mind
  • Precautions and contraindications for mental health aware Yoga Therapy
  • The relationship between Yoga Therapy and modern Neuropsychology
  • The relationship between Yoga Therapy and modern Psychology
  • Responding safely to mental health crisis occurring in a Yoga Therapy context
  • Understanding the Scope of Practice of Yoga Therapists working with people with psychological distress or mental illness
  • Yoga Therapy as a model of integrative mental health care – the mind-body perspective
  • Addressing common mental health challenges with Yoga Therapy

This module will incorporate and expand upon the Yoga Psychology training conducted by Janet Lowndes and Michael de Manincor. The Yoga Psychology program is offered broadly to Yoga Teachers who will attend part of the Face to Face component of the Yoga Therapy Core Curriculum Module. Additional teachings are provided for Yoga Therapy students specifically relevant to the provision of Yoga Therapy.

Module Components

Who are the teachers?

This module will be taught by Michael de Manincor and Janet Lowndes.

Michael de Manincor, The Yoga Institute. Yoga Teacher Trainer. Yoga Therapist. Yoga Therapy TrainerMichael is one of the most highly respected yoga teachers in Australia, with over 30 years teaching experience. He has undertaken extensive studies with renowned teacher TKV Desikachar, in the authentic tradition of T Krishnamacharya. Read more.

Janet Lowndes is a therapist with over 25 years experience providing counselling, training, and consultation. Her professional practice includes psychological counselling, meditation training, and yoga therapy. Read more.

Prior Learning & Course Recognition

If you have already completed a Yoga Psychology workshop with us please contact us to discuss Recognition of Prior Learning for that training.

This Module can be taken as a stand alone professional development program, or it can be taken as part of the complete Yoga Therapy Training Course qualification. Yoga Teachers who attend this module as a standalone unit receive Yoga Australia CPD points equivalent to 100hrs.


This is a competency-based unit, so students will be assessed to demonstrate competency. In the circumstance where competency is not demonstrated on first submission, re-submission will be possible.

Assessment of this module includes:

  • Full attendance at all face to face classes *
  • Full attendance at all live webinars *
  • Undertaking pre and post lecture study tasks as directed
  • Successful completion and submission of reflective journal questions following all classes and webinars
  • Successful completion of two Case Studies relevant to this Module
  • One other written assessment task related to the Module content

* Where any face to face or live webinar sessions are missed (under exceptional circumstances only) the student will be required to complete adequate ‘make up’ tasks as set by the teacher for that class, including but not limited to viewing of any recordings of the class session (where available), and answering reflective questions set by the teacher. An additional cost will be incurred by the student for these sessions.

Registration & Payment

The fee for this Module is $1950 (inc GST), which involves 100+ hours of training, including:

  • 70 hours of classes (face to face and online)
  • access to the online learning portal
  • 2 hours of individual Mentoring with your Program Mentor
  • resources to facilitate 30+ hours of self-directed learning
  • reading material and other learning tools
  • assessment of your written work
  • partial completion of the registered Yoga Therapy Training Course

The requirements in order to register for this unit are:

Payment Options:

Full Fee Payment:

$1950 paid in full on registration for the module


Instalment Payments:

Available to students who enrol more than 2 months in advance of the module commencement.

Registration deposit = $750
+ 2 Direct Debit instalment payments of $625 each

  • A signed authorisation is required for this Direct Debit payment option
  • Deposit payment and completion of authorisation secures your place
  • First instalment is due 1 month after deposit date
  • Second instalment is due 2 months after deposit date
  • All payments to be completed prior to commencement of the module

Ready to Enrol?

This module can be taken as a standalone unit for registered yoga teachers. If you are taking this module as part of the full Yoga Therapy Training Course you need to complete the course application and have it approved prior to booking into this module. No payment is required until your application has been accepted.




More Information:

To find out more about this module please contact Kirstie Christensen at or on (02) 9929 2774.