December 10th 2020: Teachers Listening Circle 

The Yoga Institute is very excited to invite you to join our ‘End of Year’ Teachers Listening Circle

This heart-felt offering is an opportunity to gather, reflect and share our experiences during this very unique year.

This special circle is especially held for yoga teachers and therapists to come together in community and share what is offering inquiry or curiosity when teaching yoga. The Teachers Listening Circle will be hosted by Lucy Karnani and Rosie Caunt, both highly practiced in holding space for forums of this nature.

Date: Thursday 10th December 2020
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm circle, followed by a pot-luck supper for those who’d like to stay!
Facilitators: Lucy Karnani and Rosie Caunt
Cost: No charge

What is the main objective?

The main objective of the Circle will be to allow anyone who wants to share about their professional or personal experiences as a yoga teacher or therapist to be fully listened to by their peers in a safe space. Lucy and Rosie have seen the great value of sharing common  experiences with others who are like-minded, or more importantly, like-hearted, and who are working with similar situations.  Often putting our experiences into words helps us gain insight and learning from our own experiences that may not happen when we just ruminate on them in our own mind. Additionally, by listening to other teachers and therapists there may be opportunities for learning from other’s experiences.

Who is this for?

Anyone who has been teaching yoga – whether for a few months or many years, frequently or infrequently, all are welcome. There is no charge to attend, although you are asked to RSVP so we can be prepared appropriately 😊. You are also asked to come with an open heart and compassionate intention to support each other. The Teachers Listening Circle will run from 6:30-8:30pm, followed by a pot-luck supper for those who’d like to stay afterward.

Numbers are limited, please reserve your place.

What Previous Circle Participants Say…

“My experience was certainly two pronged. I knew that coming together with like-minded yoga teachers would be an incredibly educational experience and a catalyst for my professional growth. What I wasn’t expecting was personal healing and growth. This was certainly an added bonus. Thank you. ” KC

“Once again I loved being at the listening circle. It builds my confidence and allows me to feel part of something greater than myself. Community.” Sheila

“Hearing what others are doing is such a rich learning experience. Thank you Rosie and Lucy for your time and the beautiful love and care that you put into the group.” 


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