Completion of your 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Congratulations!  You’ve completed your 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training with The Yoga Institute!

Whether you have just recently completed your training, or you completed it a little while ago, take a moment to bathe in the satisfaction of your achievement once more, well done!    

In the words of Desikachar “keep the river flowing.” May you maintain the authenticity of the teachings of Krishnamacharya and may you make these teachings relevant and applicable in our modern lives: “Ancient Wisdom Modern Living”

Here we cover some tips for steps to take to get your yoga-teaching career off the ground, and scroll further down for information about further studies.

First Steps After Receiving Your Soft-Copy Certificate

There are 3 important steps you can take now:

1. Find a convenient First Aid course and obtain your First Aid certificate, and

Submit a copy of your soft-copy certification to:

2. Claim your Level 1 membership with Yoga Australia, and

3. Obtain insurance cover from a suitable insurance provider for public liability and professional risk insurance (Yoga Australia members can receive group discounts, or you may find another offering that suits you)

Facebook users can also join the private Facebook page: Graduates of The Yoga Institute, let us know if you need assistance.

Tell us Where You are Teaching

Each year new 500-hour Teacher Training students and 100-hour Yoga Studies students are keen to know where they can find classes in the Krishnamacharya heritage, especially graduates from The Yoga Institute.

We like to connect students with graduates. Feel free to give us brief details of where you are teaching so we can add your classes to the data base we provide students. Typically students search via suburb/locality. Let us know:

  • Suburb or town
  • If it’s a gym, studio or other place where you are contracted, the name, address and website that students would use to find it and book into your class
  • If it’s your own offering, your preferred contact details (eg: phone, email, website)
  • Optional: a brief freeform (max 100 words) – this is where you can state things like if you also teach online, if you offer any discounts to Teacher Training students, if you can cater to observations and assists, and so forth. You are familiar with what information Teacher Training students are looking for!

Remember, the more details you add that may be subject to change, the faster this information will expire. We can only update the database at a few set intervals, so the key is to keep it simple and easy for students to find you and chat with you for details, your location is the most important thing. You may add days of the week if that is not subject to change throughout the year, we suggest not stipulating times of day.

If you would like us to follow your Instagram account, please be sure to tell us and provide your Instagram handle (username).

Share Your Journey & Progress with Us!

We can’t wait to hear where life takes you now, and we love hearing how our treasured community is going years after their studies.

Not only do we take a great deal of pleasure in staying in touch with our students after your Teacher Training has finished, but we also love sharing students’ stories with the rest of our community. Never underestimate how inspiring, reassuring, relatable and beautiful it is to allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable and share our stories with one another. Everyone’s story can help encourage and embolden others to make a positive shift in their life.

Graduate Laurin

If you would like to guest-author a short article for our blog on your yoga journey, we would be delighted (and it may also help you promote yourself)

You can write an article about 500-1000 words in length that will inspire other people. Here’s some helpful reflections to help get your creative juices flowing:

  • Your yoga journey (how you found yoga, what was going on for you when when yoga came into your life, any stops and starts and what was the lightbulb moment for you)
  • What effects yoga has had in your life
  • What was your Teacher Training experience like (such as challenges, favourite aspects etc)
  • What you’re up to you now or what you’re working towards now
  • Would you recommend The Yoga Institute’s Teacher Training Diploma to other people
  • Anything else about your yoga story you’d like to express

See some previous examples from students here:

Josh, 2017

Sharon, 2020

Silvia, 2019

Emma, 2019

Stacey, 2020

A short testimonial more your thing?

If you prefer to write something briefer, we welcome testimonials from previous students, no matter how long ago you started or finished.

Choosing a teacher training programme can be confusing and potential students love hearing from the people who’ve already walked the path about what it was like.

Feel free to contact us for a chat or send your testimonials and bio-articles through to

We’d love to stay in touch and hear how you are doing!

Like to Teach in our Cammeray Studio?

The beautiful studio you know so well at our Cammeray premises is available for hire if you are interested in holding classes, workshops or special events in our lower-north shore space.

Try our introductory offer where, for a series of bookings equivalent to 1-month, you are only charged according to attendance, allowing you time to establish yourself and build up a client base.

We will also publish your class on the online timetable as well as a short bio about you on our Cammeray Yoga website, and you may place flyers at our front door and in the lounge area.

Enjoy coming ‘home’ to where it all started and let us cheer you on!


Giving Back to the Community

You may be interested in community giving by way of:

  • donating some proceeds of your yoga work, or
  • donating your time to teach for a not-for-profit charitable organisation such as The Yoga Foundation.

You can see some of our TYI alumni here, and contact The Yoga Foundation here.

Subscribe to The Yoga Foundation’s newsletter here

Further Studies

Continuing your learning is an important part of your yogic journey, not least for the enrichment of your personal journey and to continue to deepen your understanding and experience of a yogic lifestyle, and to learn how best to care for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  

Being a qualified yoga teacher also brings with it a mantle of responsibility to continue learning so that we may best support our clients. This is referred to as Continuing Education (CE) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

All Yoga Australia members must earn at CPD points each year of membership to continue to be listed as a Registered Yoga Teacher. Visit the Yoga Australia website to learn more about annual requirements.  

Continuing Education courses will display CPD points offered per course and can be done to satisfy annual CPD requirements or simply for the love of learning.

Some further studies will even enable you to add another qualification to your credentials, such as being able to call yourself a Yoga Therapist.

Yoga Therapy – An Additional Qualification Opening Even More Doors

We encourage you to start teaching after the completion of your Teacher Training Diploma. At some stage you may feel drawn to the idea of undertaking more studies in order to upgrade your qualifications. Perhaps you find yourself interested in the expanding and exciting career path of yoga therapy.

All yoga has the potential to be healing.  Empowering someone with a persistent or specific condition or illness towards their own healing journey means that a one-on-one approach can work superbly well and some people mistake this to be the delineation between the work of a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist, but yoga therapists can also with groups of people.

The true distinction between the term yoga teacher and yoga therapist is simply to recognise significant extra experience and formal training.

Read more about the criteria set down by Yoga Australia to register someone as a yoga therapist

The Yoga Institute can help you obtain the additional necessary hours of study to apply for registration as a yoga therapist. 

Visit our main Yoga Therapy Training webpage

A yoga therapist’s knowledge, approach and skills are based on source yoga teachings and yogic principles, integrated with biomedical and current evidence-based western medicine. Yoga Therapy is a comprehensive, holistic approach that considers all aspects of a person – to include body, breath, mind and lifestyle.

Read the journey of Yoga Therapy Training Graduate, Catherine

The Pathway to Being a Yoga Therapist for our Teacher Training Graduates

Most Level 1 yoga teachers will need to undertake 650-hours of additional study to complete Yoga Therapy Training:

However as a graduate of The Yoga Institute’s 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training, you qualify for a headstart!

There are usually 5 training modules in the Yoga Therapy Training:

Graduates are largely exempt from needing to complete the Foundations of Yoga Therapy module. 

You need only complete 2 units from within The Foundations of Yoga Therapy module:

  • Advanced Pranayama
    3 x half day webinars facilitated by Michael De Manincor

    Read More


  • Interpersonal Communication & Therapeutic Skills for Yoga Therapy 
    A 2-day workshop facilitated by Lucy Karnani  

    Read More

Read more about our Yoga Therapy Training

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