Yoga Therapy Training Course Requirements

Yoga Therapy Training Course Requirements


Recommended pre-requisites to undertake the Yoga Therapy Training Course are:

  • The completion of a recognised yoga teacher training qualification which provides learning equivalent to the Yoga Australia Level 1 registered yoga teacher or Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (including current first aid certificate)*
  • A minimum of 2 years and at least 300 hours yoga teaching experience, with at least 12 months of regular teaching (up to 1 year of this or up to 100 hours may be concurrent with training in this program).
  • A demonstrated commitment to your own personal yoga practice and an understanding of the professional nature of yoga therapy

Please Note: Applicants do not necessarily need to be a Yoga Australia Level 1 Registered Yoga Teacher or have Yoga Alliance RYT 500 registration, but need to demonstrate that their learning is equivalent. Applicants who do not have either of these teaching qualifications are recommended to use the guidelines from the Yoga Australia Level 1 Registered Yoga Teacher Membership table to show the equivalence of their training, ie. to map their training against these standards. (

* Special consideration will be given to professionals who hold dual qualifications in Yoga Teaching and another Health Care Modality.


What’s Required of Students?

  • Eligibility for the course according to the Pre-Requisite entry requirements
  • A commitment to make full effort to attend 100% of all face to face and live online lectures. If any lectures are missed (exceptional circumstances only) the student will be required to do ‘make-up’ tasks set by the class teacher, and to pay an additional fee to allow the teacher to assist them with missed content
  • A commitment to undertake all self-directed study
  • A commitment to complete all assessment tasks in a timely and satisfactory manner
  • Full payment for all course Modules prior to the required dates (please note our Payment Terms for each module)


Additional Requirements

  • Access to a reliable high-speed internet connection for participation in live webinars
  • Access to your own basic Yoga props for self-directed learning tasks (recommendations will be provided during the course)
  • Copies of all assessments must be sent to the assessing teacher prior to the due date (unless prior extension has been granted) and a copy is to be kept by you for your own records
  • Access to people willing to be Case Studies for the Practicum Component
  • Assessment requires access to a digital camera or smart-phone/tablet with high quality video recording function to produce a video recording of case work




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