Jul 27, 2018: Yoga Psychology Workshop


Yoga Psychology for Mental Health Professionals

This 2-day training programme is specifically tailored to Mental Health Professionals who are interested in the therapeutic applications of the teachings and practices of Yoga, specifically as they relate to mental health and wellbeing.

You Will Learn About:

  • The Yogic understanding of the mind, and how it relates to western psychology and related sciences
  • Teachings of the ancient sage Patanjali, particularly as they relate to understanding mental health
  • How Yoga can assist as an intervention for common metal health concerns such as depression and anxiety
  • How Yogic practices can assist in promoting and maintaining good mental health
  • How Yoga aides in fostering integrated health and wellbeing
  • How Yoga can assist as a powerful self-care tool for Health Professionals

This training programme is a joint collaboration between Michael de Manincor from The Yoga Institute and Janet Lowndes from the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy.

Full details and registrations on the Yoga Psychology website:


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