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Know a friend or family member who is a big fan of yoga?

Or maybe have a yoga teacher you want to show your appreciation towards? We help you demystify the process of gift shopping for the yogis you know, below. For the yogis in your life (yourself included) some yoga gift ideas could be:

1. Sharing a bit of yoga wisdom

An important part of being a yogi is learning about the philosophy behind yoga, and adding a bit of context to that is always helpful in the form of an easy to read book! There are plenty of books out there to learn more about the philosophy of yoga, but we recommend The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V Desikachar. This book is a great introduction to the philosophy of yoga, which includes a nice, concise summary of the Yoga Sutras, as interpreted by Desikachar.

This book is recommended in yoga teaching courses as a foundational course book, but is loved by many yoga teachers and non-yoga teachers alike who are after a deeper understanding of yoga, and allowing them to take their yoga wisdom beyond the mat.

Another book that comes highly recommended is A Light on Yoga by B.K.S Iyengar. On the other end of the detail spectrum, this book contains over 600 photographs of postures, as well as plenty of wisdom related to postures and meditation, in the Iyengar tradition of yoga.

2. Props to prepare

Yoga props

There are many ways you can go into a pose, with props being one of the tools that can help get you there.

A few ideas of props you could consider as a gift include:

  • A yoga mat or yoga towel to use on a yoga mat
  • Yoga bolster
  • Yoga blocks – if you do, consider buying them in a pair as often times you can use blocks in poses that support limbs on both sides of the body, whether it is both legs or arms.
  • Meditation cushion – getting into that meditative posture can be difficult for some, so a meditation cushion can be the answer supporting a meditative practice without the numb legs that can come with it.

Choosing props can be a bit personal for some yogis though, so if you’re unsure of their preference, maybe a gift voucher for a brand that sells props could be another idea.

3. Clothing for comfort

Finding a comfortable yoga outfit can make such a big difference when you’re moving through Asana, pranayama or meditation. By allowing your fellow yogi to focus on the feeling of yoga and not sliding around on the floor or mat when holding a pose, they’ll really be able to get the benefits of yoga. A few ideas could include socks that have grip support on them, yoga pants or tops made from sustainable fabrics or even a shawl they can use for those restorative yoga sessions, when you need a bit of a cover up.

Again, choosing apparel can need a bit of insider knowledge of what your yogi prefers to wear, but if you know a brand they like, a gift voucher from that brand, could again be another option.

4. Music to their ears (and eyes)

Picture of a singing bowl with plant

Ever heard a singing bowl being used in a yoga class? Not only do they look wonderful as a decorative gift, they are functional and provide a gentle hum to introduce or finish off a meditative practice.

Perfect for the yogi who wants to add the beauty of sound into their practice, without the need of learning how to play an instrument!

5. Scents to set the scene

Using candles, incense or essential oils is one way of helping to set the tone for a practice. The flame of a candle can even be used as a meditative tool in the Trataka meditation practice, where a yogi keeps their gaze constant (and eyes open) as long as they can, on one point of focus. Even if using candles isn’t part of their yoga practice, enjoying the beauty of a flame glowing (and maybe even the scent) off the mat, can be enjoyable too.

Some other ideas:

A few other gift ideas you could consider if you know their particular interests, could include a recipe book with Ayurvedic recipes, a set of gemstones or crystals that relate to the different chakras in the body or maybe even a plant, to help keep the air fresh and oxygenated when they’re moving through a restorative Asana flow or even a balancing Pranayama practice like Nadi Shodhana.

Please practice mindfulness with all of your purchases, considering if items have been ethically, responsibly and sustainably produced.

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