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The Yoga Institute has collaborated with Leslie Kaminoff, author of the #1 best-selling yoga book “Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals,” to offer world-class Yoga Anatomy training which combines quality online learning with classroom-based tuition. Normally USD$1997 when purchased as a standalone course. Included in our diploma course at no extra cost.

Leslie Kaminoff has been bringing the study of anatomy to life for over 25 years. Kaminoff’s acclaimed Yoga Anatomy Course, previously available only at his studio, The Breathing Project in New York City, has helped yoga teachers and practitioners to enhance their personal practice, and provide better experiences for their students and clients.

Participants of The Yoga Institute’s respected Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training, Level One Upgrade and Heart of Yoga Foundations courses have the unique opportunity to incorporate Leslie’s online course into their yoga studies or teacher training.

Complementing the web-based video lectures will be the integrated application of the principles within The Yoga Institute’s Asana and Pranayama courses, as well as dedicated Yoga Anatomy tutorial sessions in the Diploma course.


  • 20 hours (10 x 2 hr sessions) of web-based video lectures
  • Face-to-face tutorials and integrated application of theprinciples within relevant Diploma subjects including facilitated discussion, review and assessment
  • Students will receive streaming and downloadable video, streaming and downloadable audio, transcripts, visuals, handouts, and links from available without expiry for lifetime reference


“Leslie couples his immense knowledge with a refreshing ability to translate complex information into real-world terms and give us instantly applicable tools that make the world of anatomy, yoga and breath something we can deeply experience and understand.”
Sadie Nardini


“Leslie is wonderful at demystifying complex subjects & making them readily accessible — both on an intellectual academic level & on a tangible experiential level. What’s more, he’s refreshingly non-pretentious and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everybody’s on the same page.”
Suzanne Ausnit


















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