Why did I spend a year of my life training to be a yoga teacher when I didn’t want to teach?

The Yoga Institute, Cammeray, Sydneyby Kristen Melville.

Yoga has been an important part of my life for the past fifteen years. About five years ago, triggered by a major change in my life circumstances, I was looking for a way to deepen my commitment to my practice and learn more about the philosophy and more subtle aspects of yoga, beyond what you can learn in a regular 90-minute yoga class.

I searched high and low for a course in Sydney for people like me. To no avail. There were plenty of weekend workshops delving into specific aspects of practice and some yoga schools that did a better job than others in weaving yoga philosophy into their regular classes.

But I couldn’t find a course that would help me understand the system and philosophy of yoga and how the various tools and techniques of yoga can be integrated into life to bring about positive change. I realised my only option to go deeper was to do a teacher training course, even though I had no intention or desire to become a yoga teacher.

I did my research and chose the 1-year part-time course here at The Yoga Institute. I still look back at that as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I learnt so much about Yoga and about myself, and made incredible friendships and connections with the most wonderful group of people.

Whilst I got so much out of the course and feel blessed to be part of the community here, if I’m totally honest, the teaching aspects of the training were a little lost on me. It was great to stretch myself out of my comfort zone and learn some new skills but as teaching was never my intention, that part of the course for me was somewhat of a diversion.

It seems I’m not alone in my experience. Over the years, many students have undertaken teacher training for similar reasons. In response to this feedback, Michael de Manincor, The Yoga Institute’s Course Director has launched a new 6-month programme for students like us whose focus is on personal learning and growth.

The programme is designed so that students learn alongside the teacher trainees about the history, philosophy, tools and techniques of yoga, but the application of the learning is in the context of their own practice. If at the end of the 6 months they feel inspired to go on to teach, the option is there to continue and complete the teacher training programme.

This is exactly what I was looking for all those years ago and I’m really excited for the students who are now embarking on this journey.

Good luck and enjoy!! X

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