What Brook’s Students Say

What Brook’s Students Say…

“I attended Brook’s online marketing course in February and booked into the next one in July, bringing my partner. Brook taught far more than online marketing. She probed us to look at our deeper value to our community, to plan for future trends, and to be a rebel in our promotions. Brook’s personable manner makes the complex tech-speak easy-to-understand. I left inspired and motivated – this is a must-do course for all practitioners struggling with harnessing the power of the digital world.”
Mathew Bergan, Dancing Warrior Yoga

“I walked into Brook’s workshop not feeling very confident about promoting and marketing my new studio and really how to fully utilise social media. I walked out of her workshop with the skills and knowledge and drive to improve my social media net working and improve my business on a whole new level. Brook is very understandable, funny and straight up authentic. It’s easy to digest and learn from her.”
Evangeline Yuen, House of Yoga

“Before doing Yoga Reach’s Online Marketing course, my biggest hurdle was how to make the best use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. I learned how to effectively use my time on social media time without being sucked into the ‘vortex’. Many business owners aren’t aware of the power of social media and are missing opportunities to connect with current and future clients. This course shows you how to do it effectively and easily, and to have fun while doing so.”
Nicole Walsh, InYoga

“Brook’s one day online marketing course was a real eye-opener. I went from having little knowledge on how to promote my business to being savvy with a variety of on- and off-line mediums. I left the course feeling like a horse ready to bolt at the starting gate, I couldn’t get home fast enough to start implementing all her wonderful strategies. Thank you Brook for an awesome day. A week on, I am reaping the benefits.”
Rachel Zinman, Rachel Zinman Yoga

“Brook’s unique position as a yoga teacher with a PR and journalism background makes her the perfect person to help wellbeing professionals make sense of online marketing today. The simple fact is: if you’re not online, your business is missing out. Brook covers the whole lot: social media, Google, content management, newsletters and SEO. She’ll give you tips and practical tools that you can start applying right away. If you’re ready to start clarifying your business’s message and communicating it online in a way that resonates, Brook’s one-day course is for you.”
Amanda Vella, Illuminate Yoga

“Brook’s intensive was a great opportunity to learn the most important parts of a number of online marketing techniques. Brook really empowered us to give it a go. It was fantastic connecting and sharing with like-minded souls and not be intimidated by our competition, recognising that we each have something unique to offer which will attract our specific, and different, customers. Brook is a fun, energetic and passionate person whose authenticity shines through.”
Shakti Grace, The Holistic Chef

“I attended two of Brook’s Online Marketing Intensives over the past 14 months – I loved the first half-day course so much, I couldn’t wait to enrol in the full day course just recently. I signed up mostly because Brook’s newsletters make absolute sense to me. Although some of Brook’s ideas seemed well beyond my expertise, she has whittled these into masterpiece status in the course which is very user-friendly. I am excited and inspired – and have converted from a total Facebook naysayer to a now committed (business page) Facebook addict. Brook demystified marketing and social media and shared her clever tricks of the trade in how to sell out an event, fill a yoga room, and keep your Google ranking up.”
Mitch Gibson, Yogabowl

“This was awesome! I felt totally wiped by the end of the day but that’s because you had my attention the whole time, which is very hard for anyone to keep! The topics covered were spot-on. I’m already blogging and using Facebook but now I can expand to other social media with more know-how. And I will be blogging with far more focus to my ideal clients. I now feel like I’m ready to up the ante!”
Molly Furzer, Yoga’scool Newtown

“I was one of those thinking I’d rather pull my own teeth than do an online marketing seminar. However since the seminar I’ve been less overwhelmed, more proactive and feeling like I may just get a hang of this yet. Thanks Brook.”
Melanie Payne, Inspired Movement and Wellness Coaching

“This course helped me build the platform needed to amp up my communication with my ideal client. I’d recommend this to anyone wanting a better understanding of all online media options who are ready to grow their business.”
Romina Di Federico, Inhale Life

“I think it is wonderful that this course is available to empower those of us who are a little daunted by social media and marketing. Brook is an animated and dynamic teacher who makes the subject matter fun and engaging.”
Karen Wightman – Creative Yogis

“Brook explained technical concepts in a very accessible way, highlighting the main strategies and techniques we should concentrate on. Yoga teaching is a crowded market. Brook was keen to help tease out every person’s unique value and encouraged us to find our own style of communicating online. Highly recommended.”
Colin Clements, owner of Australian Yoga Life magazine

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