Ute Koehler

Ute Koehler

Yoga Teacher, Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching, Mentor, Yoga Australia Member

My passion for Yoga started when I was in my teens. I very soon developed a love for this ancient practice. After completing my first teacher qualification in a Power Vinyasa Style I have continued my studies with The Yoga Institute in Cammeray where I completed the Advanced Diploma of Teacher Training under the direction of Michael de Manincor.

My understanding of Yoga and my personal practice have since been strongly influenced by the classical Yoga teachings as translated by Sri T Krishnamacharya.

As a yoga teacher, my main aim is to help others to find physical and mental health, as well as happiness and peace through this healing practice. I am committed to teaching and sharing Yoga, making it accessible for each and every individual.

I am also a faculty member at the Yoga Institute where I teach about the History and the Foundation Principles of Yoga.

George Feuerstein, a German Indiologist, who specialized in the Philosophy and praxis of Yoga, once said that:

“Without an understanding of the historical development of Yoga, it is hard to imagine that we could arrive at a genuine appreciation of its spiritual treasures, or could practice it meaningfully with effectiveness!”
I believe this to be true. In order to have a better understanding of our present experience, we need to look in the mirror of history.

Yoga is an integral part of the Indian History. Now-a-days millions of people across the globe have benefitted from the practice of Yoga, which has been preserved and passed on from ancient times to this day.


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