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Are you ready?

We’re so excited you’re contemplating upgrading your yoga teaching qualifications.

Since 2001 we've taught and mentored hundreds of students who have gone on to become amazing yoga teachers. We've grown a beautiful community of people who have changed their own lives and the lives of others through exceptional yoga teaching.

We are humbled to have been part of so much positive change, and we hope you'll join us for the next step on your yoga journey.

Course Details

  • Is This For Me?

    Doing further yoga teacher training is a big step ~ How do you know this course is right for you?

    Have you completed your 200hr yoga teaching qualification and are now feeling the pull? You know, the gentle voice deep inside that is always striving to grow, learn and transform?

    A 200hr yoga teacher training is a great starting point. It will give you the foundational knowledge to teach but many 200hr trained teachers feel like they want to learn more.

    You probably know from your own experience that being a yoga teacher isn’t just about teaching yoga postures. It’s about developing the skills and confidence to encourage and motivate your students to know themselves better. This requires a deep understanding of yoga’s philosophies, tools and techniques based on personal experience, clever and creative sequencing, knowledge of the functions of individual postures, and the confidence to impart all of this onto your students with joy and grace.

    Do you:

    • Feel the urge to learn more about the deeper layers of yoga, beyond the basics of asana and pranayama?
    • Want to upgrade your 200hr qualification to become eligible for Yoga Australia membership?
    • Feel like you need to know and experience more to explore your full potential as a yoga teacher?
  • Course Outcomes

    This part-time 6-month yoga teacher training upgrade course gives you:


    • Eligibility for full (Level 1) membership with Yoga Australia – become a 350hr registered yoga teacher

    • The skills, knowledge and confidence to design and teach truly integrated yoga practices to groups and individuals

    • A wonderful community of like-minded fellow students and yoga teachers

    • The foundations for further studies in Yoga Therapy

    • World class online Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals training taught by bestselling author Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews

    • Ongoing personal practice development, teaching guidance and study support from an experienced senior mentor-teacher

Why The Yoga Institute?

Listen to our graduate Jenna Cameron talk about why she chose to study here and how what she learned has changed her yoga teaching and her life.

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What Will I Learn?

You will learn so much more than just how to teach asana postures. By the end of the course you will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop and teach fully integrated practices for groups and individuals that include asana, pranayama, meditation, mudras, mantra & sound, yoga philosophy and more. The course curriculum covers:

History of Yoga
  • The Journey of the yoga tradition. Why has asana taken centre stage and how do we bring it back to a more holistic practice? Use ancient wisdom in modern teaching.
Foundation Principles of Yoga Practice
  • Styles of yoga have only developed in very recent times. Learn the fundamental wisdom that informs all yoga practice
Yoga Sutras – Philosophy and Psychology
  • Understand the entire system and framework of yoga and learn how to effectively integrate this wisdom into your teaching
Advanced Asana
  • Classical functions of postures and understanding the wisdom behind each group of postures
Yoga Energetics (subtle energy systems)
  • Practical experience of how, when and why to influence energy and what that feels like
Advanced Pranayama and Meditation
  • Form the foundations of how to use these tools for therapy and healing
Teaching Personal Practices
  • Learn to specialise in creating individualised yoga practices, forming the foundations of yoga therapy
Interpersonal Communications and Coaching Skills
  • Explore the fundamentals of effective and conscious communication. Gain tools and skills required to plan, organise and teach engaging and authentic yoga

How is it Structured?

Classroom Learning

Classroom-based training days (regular training days plus optional teaching residential)

Experiential and Self-directed Learning

Guided home study

Optional Online Yoga Anatomy Course*


Individual Mentoring Sessions

3 sessions 

Includes development and guidance of student’s personal yoga practice, study supervision, mentoring as a trainee teacher, and supervision of assisting & teaching practicum

General yoga classes*

Average of one class per week, throughout the course

At The Yoga Institute or other suitable Yoga centres

Regular Personal Practice (at home)

In addition to attendance at general Yoga classes, students will have a personalised home yoga practice developed and guided in individual mentoring sessions

This may include asana, pranayama and meditation

Plus a written journal for guided self-reflection

Teaching Practicum

Assisting, supervised and independent teaching experience through practicum programme

Optional 3-day residential intensive*

Graduation Ceremony

Presentation of graduation certificates at a special ceremony

*  Please note: Optional online yoga anatomy course, optional retreat and general yoga classes are not included in course fees 

Course Fees



Upfront Payment

Pay in full prior to course start
Pay via EFT = $3,995
Pay with Credit Card Option + 1.7%

Monthly Installments

Nine Monthly Payments
9 x $500 = $4,500
Pay with Credit Card Only

Optional Online Yoga Anatomy

Pay prior to course start

Course Dates

Sydney - Modules

Module 1 - 3 Days

Dates TBC

Module 2 - 3 Days

Dates TBC

Module 3 - 3 Days

Dates TBC

Module 4 - 3 Days

Dates TBC

Residential (optional)

Optional 3-day Residential - Thurs evening Nov 1 to Sun Nov 4, 2018

Training day times:

Saturday: 7:30am - 4:30pm
Sunday: 7:30am - 4:30pm
Weekdays: 6:15am - 3:30pm

Includes a morning yoga class of integrated yoga techniques


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is on The Yoga Institute Faculty?

This course is led by Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Registered Psychologist, PhD Graduate and Course Director, Michael de Manincor.

Michael is joined by an incredible faculty of senior yoga teachers and yoga therapists. Learn more about our faculty: The Yoga Institute Faculty

Is This a Registered Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Yoga Australia Register Teacher Training Course

Yes, this course is registered with Yoga Australia.

Yoga Australia Registered Course

Yoga Australia has determined that the minimum training requirement to become a registered yoga teacher in Australia and be eligible for full membership of the association, requires a yoga teacher to have completed at least 350 hours of training over a minimum of 1 year.


  • Completion of our Yoga Teacher Training Upgrade Course for 200hr trained Yoga Teachers allows you to become a full member(Level 1) with Yoga Australia.
  • This qualification gives you eligibility for professional indemnity insurance.
  • Completion of certain modules from the Upgrade course will give you course credits toward the postgraduate Yoga Therapy Training Course with The Yoga Institute.
Are There Any Pre-requisites or Prior Learning for This Course?
  • Yes, you need to have completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course.
  • It is desirable (but not essential) that you have a commitment to further study and practice of Yoga in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya.
  • As Yoga is designed for the needs of each unique individual person, there is no requirement for particular levels of fitness or ability to do Yoga postures.
  • This program includes intensive periods of study and Yoga practice, and require dedication and commitment to self-discovery through Yoga.
  • Acceptance into the course is subject to the discretion of the course director.
What Style of Yoga Does The Yoga Institute Teach?

Our approach to Yoga is based on the world-renowned teachings from the tradition and lineage of T Krishnamacharya (often described as the ‘father of modern yoga’) and his son TKV Desikachar.

The focus is on integrating all aspects of yogic practice including asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudras, philosophy and psychology, and adapting all practices to the individual.  The emphasis is on applying the ancient wisdom and practices of yoga to the challenges of modern lives.

As Krishnamacharya said: “Yoga must be made to suit the individual, not the individual to suit the yoga.”

Are There Any Assessments in This Course?

To gain certification and registration as a Level 1 Member of Yoga Australia, a variety of assessments are required. These include demonstration of knowledge, competencies and skills relevant to each course unit; commitment to regular personal Yoga practice; and competence in skills required as a Yoga Teacher.

Minimum of 80% attendance is required for completion of all courses. In special circumstances, alternative arrangements may be made with the course director to meet the requirements of the course. 

What Further Training Can I Do After This Course?

Completion of this course gives you eligibility for a range of further post-graduate training including our Yoga Therapy Training course, and other continuing education and post-graduate training courses

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