Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge that yoga is not intended to replace medical care, and that it is my responsibility to advise the teacher of any injuries or health conditions that I may have. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to do the yoga practices within my own limits and capacities, to prevent any injury.

I certify that my level of physical and psychological health as determined by myself, or my medical doctor, will allow me to safely participate in this course.

I release the Yoga Institute and all Yoga Institute facilitators, lecturers, assistants and affiliated agencies from responsibility or any claim against them for any injury or loss sustained by me while undertaking my practice of yoga under their instruction, or as a result of participation in this course.

I understand that photographs, video and or audio recordings may be taken by the Yoga Institute during the training course. I irrevocably consent to and authorize the use, publication and reproduction of these photographs or recordings for any editorial purpose, TV or promotion, advertising or other purpose whatsoever. I understand that there will be no financial or other remuneration for either the initial or subsequent use of these photos/videos and consent to being photographed and/or recorded.

I agree that I may not record the training course or parts therein in any way without the express consent of Director of The Yoga Institute, or other person nominated by the Director. Any recordings and course materials will be for my own personal study purposes, and will not be shared with others in any way, without express written consent of the Director of The Yoga Institute, or other person nominated by the Director.

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