Teaching Yoga for Healthy Ageing

Teaching Yoga for Healthy Ageing

Specialised yoga training for graduate yoga teachers

In this 2-day course you will explore various techniques and appropriate ways to teach an ageing population, including those who might be restricted in any way.  The focus of this specialist yoga for seniors programme will be on developing the skills to modify classical postures, the importance of breath, relaxation and meditation.  Whilst drawing from the Yoga Sutra as a way to theme classes.

Course includes:

  • 12 class contact hours
  • Practicum – Designing a class and teaching a component of the class for senior students

In this course, you will learn:

  • Benefits of Yoga for seniors
  • Breath and Spine awareness
  • Adapting Asana for chair
  • Using props effectively
  • Limitations faced by an ageing population
  • Challenges faced by students and teachers
  • Restrictions and limitations in relation to health – physical and mental
  • Class themes
  • Practice planning sequences for chair yoga
  • Designing classes for senior students

Pre-requisites:  Qualified yoga teacher (Yoga Australia Level 1 or greater) and Yoga Therapists

Dates: 2017 TBC

Location: The Yoga Institute, Cammeray

Cost: $350

Teacher: TBC


Yoga teachers attending this course can earn 12 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points towards their Yoga Australia membership. Course is registered with Yoga Australia.

Enrolment & More Information:

Kirstie Christensen

Ph: (02) 9929 2774


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