Annebelle Van TongerenAnnebelle van Tongeren - Yoga Teacher

Having practiced yoga for many years Annebelle’s decision to deepen her knowledge and experience of yoga was spurred on by a wish to work on helping people feel amazing on the inside first.

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Brigette Keeble

Brigette Keeble - Yoga Teacher Brigette, a Yoga Institute graduate has been teaching for 4 years and practicing for 15 years. She loves to work with students to explore the therapeutic benefits of yoga to promote a healthy body and mind.

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Bronwyn ForsythBronwyn Forsyth - Yoga Teacher 

Bronwyn fell in love with practising yoga postures about 12 years ago before going on to develop a regular meditation practice. She completed the Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Institute and she has also trained with AG Mohan and Indra Mohan.

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Cheryl WhitcombCheryl

Cheryl is passionate about the ancient tradition of yoga and believes it is a powerful and comprehensive system of self-transformation.

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Elise Lockwood

Eliseʼs classes are designed to feel effortless, bringing serenity to your mind and vitality your body. Expect a “work in”, towards self acceptance and clarity, while strengthening your inner resolve, your health, your very well being.

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Gill Kamsler 

Gill Kamsler - Yoga TeacherYoga practice has been a dynamic part of my life since my late teens. It has offered me the supporting philosophy and tools to help navigate the challenges of career, health and family.

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Kirstie Christensen


Having been practicing for over 20 years and teaching for 4 years, Kirstie loves to work with students to explore the therapeutic benefits of yoga to promote a healthy body and mind.

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Len Gillespie

Health and stress issues forced Len to seriously reassess his lifestyle and having used a Natural Diet focus along with the many tools of Yoga has Len Headradically transformed his health allowing him to begin a new chapter in his life.

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Lisa Grauaug

Lisa’s experience in Yoga began in 1995, immediately she was excited by the extent of what Yoga offered her personally and to others. Her understanding and personal practice has since been strongly influenced by the teachings as translated by Sri T Krishnamacharya.Unsaved Preview Document

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Lucy Karani

Lucy Karnani - Yoga Teacher

Lucy brings and warmth and humour to her classes that helps students feel comfortable and welcome, no matter what their experience with yoga.  She passionately believes that by practising Yoga, in whatever form is available to an individual, healing will occur.

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Maria JohnstonMaria Johnston - Yoga Teacher 

Maria teaches an integrated practice of yoga. Maria uses uncomplicated movements and asana to provide the pathways for extraordinary effects.
In her classes you are likely to experience sound and chanting. The themes of her classes are derived from Patanjali’s yoga sutra.
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Melissa Roncolato 

Melissa Roncolato - Yoga Teacher

Melissa’s passion for yoga began 18 years ago as a way to support her during her pregnancy. She soon developed a love for this ancient practice and its many styles and tools, and has been committed to teaching and sharing the yoga journey since 2006.Melissa is an enthusiastic and caring teacher who believes that yoga can benefit all, through a personal practice and the classical teachings of Yoga translated by Sri T Krishnamacharya.

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Michela CaselliMichela Caselli - Yoga Teacher 

Michela started practicing yoga while she was studying International Relations and Diplomatic Science at university.
When Michela moved to Australia, she left her career in order to follow her passion for yoga.

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Natalie Bowcutt Natalie Bowcutt - Yoga Teacher at The Yoga Institute

Natalie is dedicated to continuous study into the true nature of yoga teachings whilst her vivacious nature and colourful enthusiasm for life offer a unique and open approach to traditional teaching, creating a supportive, fun and non-judgemental space to grow.

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Ute KoehlerIMG_4366 

Ute’s passion for Yoga started 10 years ago. She soon developed a love for this ancient practice. Ute’s understanding of Yoga and her personal practice have since been strongly influenced by the classical Yoga teachings as translated by Sri T Krishnamacharya.

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