New 10-week term Yoga courses

images-1New 10-week term Yoga courses

Nurture and Balance with Elise: (Starting Monday 13th July 2015 10:00am)

Join Elise on your Monday morning to connect with your breath and ease into gentle guided movement. In this class you are encouraged to take it slower, to find your own pace.
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Breathe, Flow & Restore with Ute: (Starting Monday 13th July 2015 12:00pm)
This class is open to students of all levels. It features personal modifications and emphasises integrating the mind, body and breath as we find steadiness in asana (physical postures).
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Yoga for Women with Natalie: (Starting Wednesday 15th July 2015 10:00am)

This course is for women who feel busy in their everyday lives and are looking for a way to create some space for themselves amongst the day-to-day pressures of life.
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Yoga for Clarity and Balance with Maria: (Starting Wednesday 15th July 2015 6:30pm)
This course will use sound to bring the mind to clarity, and then from sound, move towards silence and stillness.
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