Natalie Bowcutt


Natalie’s yoga journey began several years ago at a gym yoga class where she remembers thinking “Yawn! How long until I get out of this boring class?” This was when her monkey mind was something of a beast and a glass of wine seemed a much more fun option.

Several years passed until old lifestyle habits left her feeling empty, unrewarded and searching for something more. She found Yoga and with yoga…a new lease of life.

After experiencing firsthand the transformative benefits of Yoga for herself, Natalie completed a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Institute, Sydney under the tuition of Michael de Manincor.

Natalie is dedicated to continuous study into the true nature of yoga teachings whilst her vivacious nature and colourful enthusiasm for life offer a unique and open approach to traditional teaching, creating a supportive, fun and non-judgemental space to grow.

Her own journey helps to keep it real, encouraging her students to incorporate yogic philosophies into their day to day life, inspiring real ongoing change, not just short-term escape on the mat. She believes yoga can benefit everyone if practiced taking careful consideration to each individual’s differences.

She continues to deepen her education in yoga and the healing arts, including chanting and Yoga Sutras, which help to provide fresh insights that inspire her teaching. Good breathing, body awareness and personal growth are consistent points of focus in her classes enabling students to cultivate stronger body and mind awareness.
Natalie designs one-on-one, personal yoga practices as well as regular group classes at all levels.


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