Feb 3, 2017: Mindful Marketing for Yoga Teachers

Brook McCarthy

How do you navigate the wild ride of digital marketing and the brave new world of business, while keeping your head on straight and your heart intact?

Join Brook McCarthy at The Yoga Institute for this special two-day course to learn the essentials of how to mindfully market yourself and/or your business, using your values and integrity to lead the way.

Dates: Friday 3rd February, 2017, 8.30am – 3:30pm + Saturday 4th February, 2017, 10:30am – 5:30pm

Pack your classes, fill your events and courses and increase your reach

Australia is in the midst of a yoga boom. And while there are more students than ever before, there is also far more competition, not only from other yoga teachers but from gyms offering yoga and the many yoga hybrids that are proliferating.

We know yoga is important. We know, given the right teacher and the right context, everyone would benefit from doing it. So how do we cut through? How can we embrace our competitors with class, collaboration and kindness? How can we create thriving yoga careers and businesses aligned with our lifestyle, our particular personal goals and our budgets?

You don’t need to compromise your integrity or ethics to make a great income teaching yoga. I’ll show you how.

Brook McCarthyWhat we’ll cover

Yoga-Australia-LogoThis course provides 12 contact hours toward Yoga Australia CPD requirements for registered yoga teachers.

Defining your difference

You need to stand out, embrace your unique strengths and hone in on the particular niche you want to serve if you’re to thrive in business. We look at branding essentials, even if you’re an individual teacher without a studio behind you, how to nail your unique value proposition and why getting clear on your difference is essential to effective business. Together, we’ll work on compelling introductions and write our own bios.

Pricing and packaging

How do you deal with objections to your pricing? How do you elegantly respond to people saying “I can’t afford it”? How do you communicate the value of yoga and what you do? We explore these curly conundrums, looking at how to price our services and create powerful packages to give people an optimum experience of what we do. 

Digital marketing essentials

There’s a lot to learn about digital marketing but we’re only looking at the absolute essentials: the only two software tools you need to master; how to ensure your website is working for you; what metrics you need to know about and which you can ignore; how to keep all the balls in the air.

Effective copywriting

We are all writers. Learn how to hone your copywriting skills so you can quickly and effectively be understood, persuade, convince and compel. Writing is not only necessary for marketing yourself or your business, it’s crucial for making a living – effectively briefing colleagues or staff, keeping emails as short and sweet as possible and pitching yourself for ideal opportunities that will take your yoga career or business to the next level.

Simple sales

We look at the essential elements of writing an effective sales page so you can stop launching to crickets and start selling your offerings in a way which feels genuine, natural and effortless. We simplify sales and examine how our money baggage might be weighing us down with unhelpful assumptions, beliefs and attitudes. We also look at how to write an effective sales email, that is opened, read and acted upon.

Website essentials 

Your website is your online home – essential for helping you be found, for building your profile and enhancing your credibility. Regardless of whether your website is established, new and fledgling or nonexistent, we examine the essentials of an effective website and how to supercharge its performance. We also look at free and low-cost tools to measure your website’s effectiveness, to make it shareable on social media and to start selling online.

Facebook and Instagram marketing

We look at how to use Facebook and Instagram to market your yoga teaching, increase your website visitors, amplify your word-of-mouth recommendations, gather feedback before you make changes to what you offer and build anticipation and buy-in before you launch something new.

Confidence and credibility

Confidence and credibility are two sides of the one coin: one is about your self-perception, the other is about how others perceive you. Confidence is a practice and it can be taught. Learn the different tools that will make you more confident to go ahead and do the things you say you want to do. We’ll examine the different influences on our credibility and how to enhance this in business, to cultivate trust in others.

Self-care for the self-employed

So how do we take a giant to-do list and still get to sleep at night? How do we better manage our stress, ambition and workload? What can we do to live as an example for our students while also keeping all the balls in the air of a busy yoga career or business? We look at how to create better boundaries, the art (and joy) of saying ‘no’, and how to effectively manage your time and better prioritise.

Who this course is for?

This course is for new and established yoga teachers who are ready to start reaching more people and earning more money without compromising their values or integrity. This course is especially for yoga teachers who want to thrive in their yoga teaching practice, however that looks. You are welcome to come along if you’re a brand new yoga teacher with no business to speak of or if you have a well established business that you wish to grow further.

It doesn’t matter if your business has a bricks-and-mortar studio, is location-independent and mobile, or you’re building (or hoping to build) an online business. The marketing and business techniques and strategies taught are applicable regardless of your business and goals. What’s essential is that you’re serious about growing your earnings and/or your business for the long-term.

I’m excited! Where do I register?

I’m glad you asked…

Book Your Place

Regardless of what you’re currently doing online, I want to inspire you to choose the most appropriate tools and techniques to suit your future plans. If you want to hone in on your uniqueness, and are ready to stride boldly in the direction of your dreams, this course is for you.


I’m a brand new yoga teacher without a business. Should I come?

That depends – if you’re ready, willing and exciting to take the leap, then yes! You’ll likely feel a bit scared or possibly overwhelmed, but I’ll do my best to help you prioritise what you need to do so you’re doing the first thing first. If you’re unsure whether or not you want to work as a yoga teacher, then you’re probably best sitting this out for now. I can’t help you decide that.

I don’t have a website yet. Should I still come? 

Yes! We’ll be looking at what makes a website good or not (and I’m not talking about fonts and colours). This course will help you better brief a website designer, be proactive in what you ask for and know what’s important and what’s not.

I don’t have a studio, will this course still be relevant to me?

Absolutely. There’s no reason why you need a yoga studio to run an effective yoga business. Regardless of whether you work for several different studios, you run classes out of a local community centre or you run your business almost totally online, you’ll get something out of this course.

I already have a website, I’m on Facebook, I send emails regularly. Will I learn anything new?

First up, well done you! If things are going swimmingly for your business, then you probably don’t need this course. But if you feel as if you’re working too hard, spending a lot of energy for not much result, or you feel like there’s an overall piece of the puzzle you’re missing, then I encourage you to come. Sometimes the smallest tweaks can make the biggest difference. But an open mind is essential, so please bring that.

I hate social media. Should I still come?

You’re welcome to sit out the social media marketing part of the course (which is only a small part of it). I don’t see it as my role to convince you whether it’s a good idea or not.

Do yoga teachers really need marketing?

Yes, I believe they do because I want to see yoga teachers make a serious dent in Australia’s damning rates of suicide, depression, anxiety, school and workplace bullying, and domestic violence. If you have a serious issue with marketing for yoga teachers, please don’t come. I don’t want to convince you that it’s not only smart, but necessary.

What Past Students Say:

“I think it is wonderful that this course is available to empower those of us who are a little daunted by social media and marketing. Brook is an animated and dynamic teacher who makes the subject matter fun and engaging.”
Karen Wightman – Creative Yogis

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More Information:

To find out more about this course or about special pricing for teacher trainees and graduates of The Yoga Institute, please contact Kirstie Christensen:

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