Meditation 6 week course – Starts Thursday August 6th

Gain peace of mind and clarity…

Learn MeditationThis meditation course will use sound to bring the mind to clarity, and then from sound move towards silence and stillness.

We are all looking for contentment, happiness, fulfilment, balance, clarity, calmness and peace of mind.

It is only when we experience the opposite state of mind like anger, resentment, frustration, dissatisfaction and distress that we recognise our inner need for peace and clarity.

The breath is the link between body and mind. For example, when we are angry or distressed the breath is usually fast and laboured. Yet, when we are calm and content the breath is long and smooth.

In this course we will explore how we can use the breath to influence the mind.

This 6 week course is suitable for students who have had some experience of yoga practice.
Classes sizes are kept small to ensure personalised attention, so bookings are essential.


Next Course Commences: Thursday 6th August 2015
Time: Thursday evenings,  6:30–7:45 pm
Duration: 6 week course
Cost: $135
Teacher: Maria Johnston


Bookings are essential and prepayment is required. Limited places available. Book online below.

You are welcome to purchase this at reception.


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