Elise Lockwood


Eliseʼs classes are designed to feel effortless, bringing serenity to your mind and vitality your body. Expect a “work in”, towards self acceptance and clarity, while strengthening your inner resolve, your health, your very well being. Classes include asana, flowing postures, holding postures, meditation and relaxation.

Monday morning can be a great time to reset after the weekend and commence your week feeling refreshed. Suitable for all levels, including those who have not practiced for some time and wish to recommence. A mother of two, Elise has enjoyed the benefits of yoga for more than twenty years, finding it particularly useful as a source of strength while nurturing her family. Elise graduated from the Yoga Institute as a Level 1 teacher in 2013. Elise is also a professional photographer and a long time contributor to the Australian Film Industry. She loves creating beautiful portraits, gardening, travelling: studying, teaching and sharing yoga.
Elise holds regular classes and designs private yoga practices.

Join Elise on Monday mornings at 10:00am – 11:15am for Nurture and Balance Yoga.

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