October 23rd, 2019: Ayurveda Monthly Workshop

“The People’s Medicine”

The Yoga Institute is very excited to invite you to join us for monthly Ayurveda Workshops with Eleni Tsikrikas

Did you know? Ayurveda is Yoga’s sister science and the planet’s oldest nature based self care system. Its goal is longevity and vibrant health for you. Ayurveda offers a view of health that is practical and simple. It empowers and encourages each of us to participate in our health and longevity.

Date: Wednesday 23rd October
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm, followed by tea for those who’d like to stay
Facilitator: Eleni Tsikrikas
Cost: $44

Join Eleni Tsikrikas, certified Ayurvedic teacher and healer with over 12 years of clinical experience and certifications in Yoga and Western Herbalism. This will be a  truly innovative and wonderful series of monthly Ayurveda workshops.

Each month we will introduce a new food or lifestyle theme and give a short talk, followed by an interactive discussion. You will walk away with a foundational knowledge of each topic along with some practices that will enhance your life and health.

This Workshop Will Cover…
The topic will be: What is Lifestyle medicine and why is it relevant in the 21st Century?
Lifestyle medicine is based on a simple premise: if we have a strong foundation of daily practices, we are likely to stay healthy. In this Ayurveda circle we will discuss the foundations of the three pillars of health and learn how to make ghee. 

Monthly topics include:

  • Ayurveda 101
  • Cleanse Details

Who is this for?
This unique workshop is especially held for anyone interested in Ayurveda.

The next monthly workshop will take place on Wednesday 25th September 2019, with dates for following months to be confirmed. Numbers are limited, please reserve your place.

What students say…

“Thanks so much for last night. I felt quite buzzy when I woke up! Such incredible food for thought, to linger over and unpick and explore. I loved Eleni’s clear explanations of how things connect and intersect. I know I’m just dipping my toes in the water. I’ll be back for more …” Bridget


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