About Brook McCarthy

About the presenter, Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthyI started teaching yoga and meditation when I was 18 and have been teaching it off and on ever since, in a variety of settings and situations. Concurrently, I’ve worked in public relations and online communications and marketing and started my own business back in early 2008, first as Yoga Reach, specialising in digital marketing for yoga teachers and now as Hustle & Heart. I’ve been running in-house trainings on various yoga teacher trainings since 2011 and have been running face-to-face marketing courses around Australia for yoga teachers since 2012.

I want to see yoga and natural therapies move out of the sidelines to bring its benefits to far more people. For this to happen, we need to get better at business, so we can stop burning out due to lack of time and funds, serve more people and attract new converts to yoga, thereby widening the market for all. It is my deep desire for course participants to come away feeling empowered, with the knowledge, tools and attitude to utilise the best of technology to reach more people, serve more effectively, and create abundant business.

Brook is presenting Mindful Marketing for Yoga Teachers at The Yoga Institute.

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