Level 1 Teacher Training Upgrade (200hr to level 1)

Many students embark on the journey of learning to teach yoga by completing a 200hr teacher training program. Such programs are great for gaining a basic foundation in teaching yoga but often new teachers find themselves wanting more.

camyogafavorite-2313This course is designed for yoga teachers who have completed a 200hr teacher training course and wish to upgrade their teaching qualifications to a 350hr, Level 1 registered course (registered with Yoga Australia).

Join us to delve into some of the more subtle and advanced aspects of yoga practice and philosopy. Gain the skills and knowledge to develop and teach personal practices for individuals and skillfully adapt practices for different needs within a group setting.

Is The Yoga Institute right for me?

camyoga-2159Becoming part of the community at The Yoga Institute has been a life changing experience for so many of our students.

The Yoga Institute is one of the most respected yoga schools in Australia and our graduates are known for the quality of their teaching. Our team is highly experienced and qualified, and passionate about sharing the ancient wisdom of yoga in a modern context.

Watch the video below to learn more about this program from Course Director, Michael de Manincor

Course Director Michael de Manincor explains more about the Level 1 Upgrade Course

Course Modules

Term / Module 1 

  • History of Yoga
  • Foundation Principles of yoga practice
  • Asana – theory and techniques
  • Pranayama – theory and techniques
  • Yoga Energetics (subtle energy systems)

Term / Module 2 

  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali I
  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali II
  • Meditation
  • Bandhas
  • Practice Planning (designing a yoga class or practice)


Teaching Practicum – observation, assisting, supervised, and independent teaching

Mentoring – 5 sessions (1 per month)

Yoga Anatomy – optional  for Level 1 Upgrade students who have already completed a yoga anatomy course 

2-day Residential – part of practical teaching assessment



Course Structure – Sydney

Choose the option that works best for your schedule:

  • Weekly – Friday (2x 8-week terms) – Commenced 10th February, 2017
  • Immersion Blocks (2x 8-day modules) – Commenced 1st April, 2017
  • Weekends (8x 2-day weekends) – Commences 15th July, 2017
  • Self-paced

Course also available in Brisbane:

Commences 18th August, 2017

What do our graduates say?

“I remember being hesitant in the beginning to take up this course…and now – I am so grateful that I did. The course and all of you have not only helped me to grow and develop as a teacher but also as a person. It’s been an amazing journey and I know it’s just the beginning. Thank you.” Daniela


“The more I research, study, observe and teach yoga, the more I realise how privileged and fortunate I was to be tought and led by you and your wealth of knowledge as a teacher. There is not a lot of Yoga being taught mindfully the way I learned. My students do notice the difference in themselves after a few sessions compared to other yoga sessions which they have attended before. A very big THANK YOU for increasing my knowledge and changing my life by teaching me the passion, the tradition and the integrity of YOGA teaching.” FD


Read more graduate testimonials about studying at The Yoga Institute.

Watch this 3-minute video of current and past students of The Yoga Institute:

Student Videos

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More Information

If you have any questions about the course, email teachertraining@yogainstitute.com.au  or call Kirstie Christensen on (02) 9929 2774.